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Review in Progress: Dragon Quest of the Stars"Gems for sale! Get your gems!"


One Finger Death Punch 2"Silver Dollar Games does it again"


Early Access World of Horror"Reality isn't what it used to be"


Taur"Tower defense with an action-oriented hook"


Dreams"Express yourself"


Code Shifter"Arc System Irks"


Dead Cells: The Bad Seed"It's good, actually"


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Hapi played the entirety of FE3H on Hard but mission 4 of Cindered Shadows has just broken me lol, ive put like 5 hours into a single mission and I need to go down to normal haha


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Shut Up Ace

Was a great stream tonite! Thanks to all that came! Learned a lot about the console wars and Nintendo and Sonys relationships prior to the Playstation!


Apparently the My Hero Academia movie just came out, and apparently Regal has something called 4DX for Anyone been to a 4DX movie before?


GOGs refund policy just became really If its as good as it sounds, thats one more reason to buy from them instead of


up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A,


Not sure if anyone here is fussed but Fangamer has some sweet new Battletoads merch available (t-shirts, pins and a


Speaking of Castlevanina, 3rd season of Netflix’ Castlevania is Another PSA for ya EDIT: Looks like my phone lied, I presume a glitch in the Its not out until next But anyway, thats soon too so youre all informed!


Im having a lot more fun with Dragon Quest Builders 2 now that Ive finished the main quest and all the side islands and Im just working on my seaside And once thats down I can get to work building everyone nice


Movie pitch: cop in Little Italy has to track drug shipments made with rats with help from the newly created feline This fall, get ready for: Tuna and Noodles



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