Wii have some good news (update)

Are you still looking for your Nintendo Wii, only to find barren shelves and frowny faces? Are you still rabidly determined to purchase the system despite the naysayers? Well, our highly efficient Destructoid robot webscanners have you cove...


AWOMO: Branson's new baby

If Gametap is the whore of video game content delivery, then Richard Branson's unfortunately named AWOMO (A World of My Own) is the new kid on the block. This poor, dumpy kid will inevitably get beat up, even though it's only a m...


Ignorant mom tries to find a Mario game for Xbox 360

Retail-Sucks has a hilarious story about a woman trying to find a certain Nintendo game for Xbox 360. This mom must have a lot of faith in her kids, because she gave one EB Games employee hell just because her son said that a Mario game wa...


eBay stupidity is not in short supply

Surfing the listings at eBay, you'll see hundreds of auctions that are just tricks to rip idiot buyers off. The favorite trick of... I'd say clever sellers, but if the buyers took a minute to read the details of the auction instead ...


Got $40? Go buy Rainbow Six: Vegas for the 360 right now!

It appears as though Best Buy has slashed the price on, what I feel, is the best game on the Xbox 360 right now, Rainbow Six: Vegas. I'm not sure how long this sale will last, but you might as well try to get it while it's hot.So i...


Why you have a sad, sad wallet

In a recent report, Forbes sheds some interesting light on the topic of game pricing -- for those of you in possession of inquiring minds. According to them, the $60 price tag that Xbox 360 games are now proudly sporting is a 20% increase ...


Inside the Childs Play 2006 charity event

Want to know how gaming insiders spend their buckets of cash? Well, for some, they use that dough for a good cause. The latest is the Penny Arcade Childs Play 2006 auction which not only raises money for something special, but also shed...


Reggie promises no Wii drought; We buy stock in water

With the latest rumor that the top Wii games may come out late next year, Nintendo's man with the plan, Reggie Fils-Aime, promises that no Wii drought will ever take place while he's in control. Speaking with Newsweek, Reggie had t...


Gamer's thumb: We are concerned

Do you play first-person shooters long into the night? Have your playing ways caused extreme pain in the thumb region? Well, then the American Physical Therapy Association is here for you! That's right, the APTA has released their own g...


Zelda tops X-Play's best of 2006 list

While everyone waits for Destructoid's ultimate list of year-end awards (and honestly the only one that matters), have a look at what G4 put together for X-Play. They just sent us over the winners, so prepare to duke it out with your fe...


Line Rider headed to DS and Wii! (update)

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to bring Line Rider to Nintendo DS and Wii. Hopefully, you've played this addicting game before. But if you are in the minority of people who haven't, try it out.NEWPORT BEACH, Cal...


This week in Destructoid

Our traffic hit all time highs this week and to celebrate ... well ... we're not doing anything except to continue to kick lots of ass all over the Internet. Care to join us? Here's what happened this week: We learned all about pixe...


Instant gaming collection up on eBay for absurd price

eBay user markcz5581 has tossed a truly massive game collection up for auction. Included in this cornucopia of unabashed nerdity are seventeen (!) home and portable consoles and over 400 games and systems, including an unopened 60GB PS3, an...


Want a Wii? Get one today!
[Update: nevermind!]

If you live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and still desperately desire a Nintendo Wii, then tomorrow morning is your lucky day! I'm not certain whether it's just a few or all Pittsburgh area Gamestop stores, but if you do some looking...


Elebits limited edition plush toy: You're so jealous

Does it make me less of a man to be loving my Elebits plush toy right now? I don't think so. I mean, I'm comfortable with my sexuality, honest. So, anyway, here's that plush toy all the little Wii fanatics were hoping to get the...


Havok set to power Fable 2

Whether you were disappointed by the original Fable or not, you have to admit it was a more-than-decent game for the Xbox. The only thing that ruined it for some was the incredible hype that surrounded it -- mostly caused by creater Peter M...


GameVideos goes Wii-sploring

Got any Wii secrets not seen in this video? Please, share them with everyone. Stop being so greedy! Anyway, this video is chock full of Wiicrets that may have not been so obvious to those of us who've been too scared to fully explore ...


You have forced me to sink to a new low

Look people, do you think it feels good to get out-friended by the likes of Kevin Periera on MySpace? Do you understand how large a hit my ego takes when I see this stuff? I didn't want to have to resort to begging, but sadly it has co...


The Mass Effect demo or ... why you want to own a 360

I'm not exactly sure why we haven't posted this video yet, but either way, there's probably a chance some of you haven't seen this look into the upcoming Xbox 360 RPG Mass Effect. This X06 demo footage will give you a good...


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