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PlayStation Network update gets a few game sales

With this week's PlayStation Network update comes a few price drops and sale prices on some good titles.  I have multiple copies of one of my favorite time wasters, Hot Shots Golf 2 (for PSP/PS3). If you don't have it, it's on sale for...


MonkeyPaw drops Dezaemon Plus!, Blockids onto PSN

MonkeyPaw Games is still going full force with these digital PS1 imports. This week they bring Dezaemon Plus! and Blockids to the PlayStation Network. Both really cool games. Oh, and with these we have twelve games from MonkeyPaw on PSN now...


Alexey Pajitnov, otherwise known as TETRIS GOD!

Since no one can hear you scream in Space, why not play Tetris instead! Isn't that what all the good Russian Cosmonauts do? In my interview with Tetrees Tetris Creator Alexey Pajitnov he reminds us that its a game we are supposed to know. ...


Spare Parts anyone?

To me, Spare Parts could mean a bunch of different things. The stuff that falls off the back of a truck, the piled high electrical equipment in your creepy Uncle's garage, or Frankenstein. To the untrained eye these Spare Parts could have ...


The return of a master: Eric Chahi's From Dust

Do you know who Eric Chahi is? If not, then it's time to bone up on your gaming history. Chahi was the lead developer on Out of this World (known as Another World in Europe and Japan), one of the most under-appreciated, influential games of...


Alundra, Arc the Lad getting a PSN re-release

I love the golden era of PS One RPGs. I recal so many games from that time with such fond feelings. One of them was easily Alundra, an action RPG that I plowed many hours into back in the day. I may get to relive those wonderful hours accor...


Order Knights in the Nightmare, get Yggdra Union for free

I've got to hand it to Atlus: sometimes they know that a preorder bonus art book just ain't enough. Now they're including whole other games! In this case, it's with the upcoming PlayStation Portable version of Knights in the Nightmare, the ...


Angry Birds catapulting to PSP Minis this fall

A few weeks ago, I told my wife she should download Angry Birds HD for the iPad. She did, and I regret recommending it; I haven't seen the iPad since. Now I have to keep both my PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 away from her -- develo...


Shank releasing today, soundtrack available now

God, how I love that seventies, B-movie charm. Shank comes out later tonight for PlayStation 3 and will be arriving for the Xbox 360 tomorrow. It only stands to reason that we would see one of these "launch trailer" things on the eve of it...


Hey Europeans, Front Mission 3 is coming to PSN

If you've been busy hating on Front Mission Evolved for not being a turn-based strategy game, and have the good fortune to be living in Europe (or have a PAL PlayStation Network account), then you're in luck, because Square Enix is rereleas...


Joe Danger gets a PSN demo tomorrow

If you already have the fantastic PSN title Joe Danger, you can skip ahead to the next post. This is for those that haven't tried the game yet. There's a demo coming for Joe Danger. I don't know what took them so long. If I were Hello Games...


Sony throws a huge PSN summer sale on PS3, PSP and Minis

I'm a sucker for downloadable game sales. I'm never happy with the full price, so when the cut comes, I find myself dropping money on points to catch up. The 2010 Summer Sale that Sony is throwing has a lot of really good games at about hal...


Metalocalypse: Dethgame meets its own premature demise

Konami had been all set to publish a game for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network based upon the popular Adult Swim cartoon, Metalocalypse. Announced at Comic-Con last year, it was nowhere to be found at E3. A subsequent failure to mat...


PlayStation minis: 1 million downloaded

Today Sony has announced that the downloadable games they call minis has reached the one million downloads mark. Between the US and PAL territories, on both the PSP and the PS3, a million little games have been pulled down since the 2009 la...


WTF: Landit Bandit is coming to PlayStation Network

Retro helicopters with fat guys riding on them, trying to dodge flying sharks? Sold. Well, I'll be sold when I can finally figure out what the hell is going on in this trailer. Imagine a game that is a kind of mix of Pilotwings and Crazy T...


Plain Sight coming to PlayStation Network, supports Move

Beatnik Games' Plain Sight  was originally developed with Xbox Live Arcade in mind. You hate to hear that as a PS3 owner, but you still know that it's not hard to bring something over from XBLA to PSN. This is exactly what has happened...


Squint: Hidden-object game Mystery of the Crystal Portal

Where's Waldo? I have no idea, but I can see something over there. *moves cursor* Aww, that's nothing, I guess. The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a hidden object game coming to the PlayStation Network next week, on July 6th. In it you'll...


HBO TV shows coming to PlayStation Network

In its continued push to market the PlayStation 3 as a device that "only does everything," Sony announced today a deal with HBO that will bring eleven of the premium cable network's television shows to the PlayStation Video Store. This comp...


Media Go for PSP just became a whole lot more useful

Anyone here use Media Go? It's actually a fairly handy little program. You can browse the PlayStation Store quickly and manage your PSP's content directly from your computer. As of today, a new version with a few important features can be d...


ModNation PSP demo coming to Qore subscribers

Got a Qore subscription for PS3? You're in luck, as Episode 23's download center will have a demo of the PSP version of ModNation Racers. This demo drops tomorrow, and subscribers will be able to nab it after the PlayStation Store updates. ...


Is support for the PSPgo waning?

That's the question I have to ask myself when I hear about things like the recent release of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on PSP. Over in Europe, where the game was recently released, people should have no trouble finding it in stor...


Final Fight: Double Impact priced and dated

Capcom sent over word as to when their next retro release will be making its way to consoles. Final Fight: Double Impact, a pairing of classic beat-em ups Final Fight and Magic Sword, will be available to purchase April 14th on Xb...


PS Store Update for the week of January 28th

It's PSN Thursday, and that means I might just gear up and blow the dust off my PS3 controller. Or I'll just browse the Store for 10 minutes while telling myself "You don't need to buy this, seriously" over and over again. Either way, new s...


Get a free comic from Sony

Do you like free stuff? Of course you do. Sometimes you even take free stuff when you don't want it, simply because it is free. A train whistle might be a good example of this. Well, if you're in the mood to get something free that you may ...


PS Store Update: adhocParty and Peggle

The cure for a problematic blank screen, a messy desk, and the urge to answer a phone while it’s ringing is Peggle. I’ve been using it for years to avoid doing what I’m supposed to be doing or to procrastinate even more. I...


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