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Explore the ocean with The Magic School Bus game

Growing up in the 80's, one of my absolute favorite cartoons was The Magic School Bus. I was entertained by the ridiculous animations, wacky writing  and catchy tunes while actually learning things that I would probably tune out in sch...


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Hitman 2"Hitting it again, man"


Tetris Effect"So much more than falling blocks"


Just Dance 2019"Just Subscribe"




The Grinch"Stink, Stank, Stunk"


The Girl in the Spider's Web"Great 'Girl,' lame 'Spider's Web'"


Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry"Larry is back, and as lewd as ever"


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Chris Moyse

I went to a womens wrestling tournament at the weekend at underground fed Pro Wrestling 4 shows in 2 days, was aces, even WWE star Toni Storm showed up for the If youre interested, theres a link to all my photos in the comments


We live in a world where Warner Brothers cant make a great Superman movie, but can somehow hire the right people to make a live action Pokémon movie look not 100% Truly it is the end


Wasnt that literally what Neon Genesis Evangelion was about?


And then theres this!

CaimDark Reloaded

Just found out that this is coming to Steam in two Dont know who asked for it, but Im up for a trip down Hellgates memory It wasnt even a great game but I have fond




For a limited time Playstation 4 users can get a free Fallout 76 theme and some All you have to do is sign in and claim your reward Link is in the

Electric Reaper

Thats all of Rise of the Triad I had to beat the final boss with cheats because the final boss itself Glad to be done with this

Pixie The Fairy

Forever Excelsior!


Got back from seeing Mask of the Phantasm in theaters and now Im downloading a shit-ton of



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