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New Cave Story 3DS screens to get excited about

With E3 officially over, now is the time to get back to being excited over the games that are actually coming out in the near future. One of these games is Cave Story 3D. Releasing for the Nintendo 3DS on August 9th (only two more months!),...


Have a remixed track from Cave Story 3D

Was today's earlier exclusive nugget not enough for you? Need more Cave Story in your life? Good ol' Danny Baranowsky, who you may remember as the composer of Super Meat Boy, just tweeted a preview track from Cave Story 3D. Specifically, it...


Exclusive: Old meets new in Cave Story 3D

Here's an exclusive look at the Cave Story sprites as they'll appear in Cave Story 3D. This optional display of the game was revealed a few days ago, but this is the first time it's been shown to the outside world. Check out a full sized ve...


Cave Story 3D features 2D sprites, NIS surprise

So far, it seems fans are fairly split on Cave Story 3D. Some of you are all about buying the game again, for its new 3D display and promise of new areas, enemies, modes, and features. Others are so turned by the game's new visuals that the...


Your first look at Cave Story 3D's first cave

[Update: Just spotted an image of Mimiga Viliiage in polygon form on Nicalis's Twitter and added it to the gallery.] Cave Story 3D is one of my most hotly anticipated titles at the moment. The promise of new content, designed by Cave Story'...


Did you catch yesterday's secret in Cave Story WiiWare?

I'm guessing the answer is "no", because I've been scouring the internet all morning for some source or report on this. Sadly, I can't find anything. All I have to go on is an email I got from Tyrone Rodriguez from Nicalis (publisher of Ca...


Cave Story 3DS gets August release in NA, September in EU

Finally, I know when my 3DS is likely to have some value to me as more than the sexy thing that sits in a cradle on my desk. NIS America has announced today that Cave Story 3D will be releasing on Nintendo's new toy in North America on Augu...


Cave Story t-shirt planned for charity to benefit Japan

Nicalis, the publisher of Cave Story, Ika-Chan, and La-Mulana, is planning to put a new Cave Story t-shirt on sale with all the proceeds going towards helping Japan recover from the recent Earthquakes/Tsunami and the coinciding fallout from...


The Pixel GDC Experience

[Tyrone Rodriguez, the head of Nicalis (the people responsible for, among other things, the Wiimake of Cave Story and La Mulana), recently shared his GDC experience in our community blogs. Read below for his mostly unedited notes of what tr...


Adorable Cave Story 3D teaser and images

There was a mighty response to the reveal for Cave Story 3D, Nicalis' remake for 3DS, in addition to Cave Story creator Pixel teasing a long-awaited sequel. We didn't get our hands on some of the concept imagery until today, so that's what...


Cave Story developer's new game is codenamed 'Rockfish'

It's been a long time since Pixel (Daisuke Amaya) has put out a new game. He completed Cave Story in 2004, worked on the WiiWare and DSiWare ports of the game that were released last year, and put out a microgame for Warioware D.I.Y., but w...


Destructoid: LA Cave Stories, Guitar Martyr, and Halo 5?!

Good afternoon, denizens of Destructoid! 'Tis afternoon o'clock on a lovely Saturday afternoon, and that can mean only one thing - last night's episode of your favorite internet online video game show had technical difficulties. Fear not t...


Prinny and Cave Story shenanigans are afoot

The image pretty much says it all; Prinny from the Disgaea and Prinny games is wearing the "Curly Brace" hat from Cave Story, and that gun and that scarf look quite Cave Story-styled as well. Other that, we have no idea what's going on here...


Cave Story creator adds the narrative to NightSky

This just in from NightSky's publisher's Twitter -- "Did we already mention Pixel wrote the story to NightSky? Yes, the same Pixel who gave the world Cave Story." This news comes to us right on the cusp of the game's January 6th release dat...


New Cave Story info dump and MEDIA BLAST!

Here's the some news related to those Cave Story hints I dropped earlier in the week. First off, Cave Story is coming to DSiWare. There will be at least one new feature, maybe more. To quote Tyrone Rodriguez -- "it's really awesome and has ...


Review: Cave Story (WiiWare)

Some people love it, and other people loathe it, but almost everyone agrees: Cave Story is an important game. Does that sound dumb to you? Well, it probably should. The word "important" as it relates to videogames has been worn out to th...


Why Cave Story is the greatest videogame ever

Everyone has a game or series of games that they love above all others. A while back, a few of my fellow editors wrote articles proclaiming their favorites. I love talking about the games I love, so this was an idea I wanted to jump in on. ...


Cave Story becomes a number one seller on WiiWare

Who says good games can't sell on the Wii? Nicalis has just confirmed that Cave Story is doing very well following its WiiWare launch this past Monday. So well, in fact, that it has climbed to number one in the online store's top twenty. We...


Cave Story creator talks inspirations, sequel, and more

It's a good day for fans of action/platformers -- an updated version of the indie freeware classic Cave Story finally hits WiiWare today. With updated visuals, new modes, and familiar Cave Story gameplay, it was a "must have" as soon as it ...


Cave Story dev blasts God of War III as 'fluff'

Cave Story developer Tyrone Rodriguez is something of a hero to Wii fans since he brings the anticipated Cave Story to WiiWare today. However, as beloved as he may be, he might lose fans from the Sony crowd (if Cave Story fans existed ...


Nintendo DLC: Cave Story and the Game & Watch bonanza

No Virtual Console games this week, but Nintendo isn't skimping on the classics. Studio Pixel's classic indie adventure Cave Story sees its triumphant return as a remake for WiiWare, and three Game & Watch titles pop up on DSiWare. WiiW...


Cave Story Wii gets closer to release, much more yellow

It's good news/bad news time again. Good news first- Cave Story Wii has been resubmitted to Nintendo for approval. The game was supposed to be out months ago, but for reasons unknown, Nintendo has been holding it back. I played a very final...


New project by Knytt creator being published by Nicalis

Publisher Nicalis has been quite busy snapping up PC indie titles and bringing them over to WiiWare: Pixel's excellent Cave Story most famously and, most recently, La-Mulana. Even though none of their current projects have actually made it ...


E3 09: Hands-on with Cave Story Wii

Cave Story is probably one of my favorite games of all time. It has everything a great game ought to have; fun gameplay, a variety of weapons, a compelling story, and best of all, amazing sprite work and music. When it was announced that Pi...


Cave Story coming to WiiWare this holiday season

Burried in this official press release for Nintendo's E3-killing press conference is a little nugget of sprite-based gold that got me so happy, I actually gave my computer monitor the thumbs-up. Cave Story, the totally free 2D action/platfo...


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