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HP’s Black Friday deals aren’t messing around

[This week, Destructoid is brought to you by the HP Store. This is a sponsored post.] HP is offering up a slew of high-quality holiday deals for its array of Omen, Spectre, and Envy gaming systems, monitors, and accessories. The sale is liv...


Roundup: all the Xbox One Black Friday deals currently live

Like the PS4 deals we wrote about earlier this week, plenty of Black Friday Xbox One games and console deals are now live across the web from your favorite retailers (if there's even such a thing). The advertised $150 and $100 off Xbox One ...


Here are Amazon's video game deals leading up to Black Friday

Here's your Black Friday appetizer course from Amazon, the video game deals that preface Friday's blockbuster bonanza blowout. Except a good number of these are the official deals from the likes of Sony and Microsoft. So they're the entree ...


PlayStation 4 controllers are down to $39 right now

I've burned through too many PlayStation 4 controllers over the years to be paying full price for replacements. What can I say? We get really into co-op over here. As luck would have it, Amazon and Walmart are selling the DualShock 4 in a b...


Epic has a Black Friday sale too

There's one more Black Friday sale this year because there's one more digital store. At this time in 2018, the Epic Games Store didn't yet exist. Now it does, so you have one more list of deals to peruse and consider. Epic's first Black Fri...


PlayStation Store's PS4 Black Friday sale has begun

You don't have to leave the house to save on PlayStation 4 games, and heck, you don't even need to wait until Black Friday. While year-round flash sales have lessened the impact of the big shopping week, there are still worthwhile games at ...


Xbox's massive Black Friday game sale is live right now

Black Friday is no longer a day, and it hasn't been for years. Black Friday is a mood, it's a mindset. It's Time To Buy Stuff: November Edition. That's why, a full nine days before traditional Black Friday, Microsoft has unleashed all its d...


These are Sony's Black Friday 2019 deals for PS4

Most people do not have the restraint to hold off until the last possible moment to invest in an expiring console. However, those who do will find some absolutely fantastic deals waiting for them. Sony is heading into its final Black Friday...


Microsoft's Black Friday 2019 deals for Xbox One

Xbox sure knows how to slash prices for big holiday promos, and Black Friday 2019 is no exception. Microsoft is taking $150 off the top for Xbox One X console bundles and $100 off Xbox One S systems. From November 24 to December 2, the cons...


Nintendo's Black Friday 2019 deals for Switch

Nintendo is mostly focusing on big-hitters for Black Friday 2019 – Switch games that have, and will, continue to sell well for years to come. Case in point: the main hardware bundle this year is a $300 Nintendo Switch console that thr...


Nintendo Switch sales dominate the Thanksgiving weekend

Now that the dust has settled from the madcap spending spree that is the Thanksgiving holidays, reports are coming through of the products that shifted from shelves over the course of the Black Friday to Cyber Monday warzone.It appears that...


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Borderlands 3: Guns, Love, and Tentacles"More fun than Yog-Sothoth at a party"


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Control: The Foundation"How low can you go?"


Panzer Dragoon: Remake"Rock the dragon"


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Half-Life: Alyx"Valve is back"


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Some good shit on the Switch eShop If you even kinda like shmups, you need Vacara for cents!! Two arcade games--igot for free with some of my Nintendo seriously, check out the Its got some good shit!!


Yeah, I couldnt help myself Gonna be doing alot of ork flesh This one is just straight elysian


Whats the single greatest action you can perform in a video game and why is it the double Bought Dogurai after Snailebs Its great and has a double You, too, can realize this


Ive got a lot of sturgeon, no Now got 2 of these fuckers in a night! Current house setup in

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Trying out Octopath Traveler, just collected my third One thing I noticed is that theres sadly no banter or interaction between the characters, like theyre not even aware of each others Does that change once you collect everyone?

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Its time for everyone to hate on Nekro because FF7 Remake is officially out in Square Enix released the game early in the Time to bust out that alternate region PSN


Mission complete


Oh, and before I forget, the FF10 battletheme sounds like a mix between Gypsies Tramps and Thieves and

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Finally picked up the bladeless fan that Ive been saving for for a Wanted one with a heater and air purifier, both for the winter and for the next fire season The air quality here was horrific last fire season, holy


Resident Evil Resistance is quite Theres a strong foundation here for some serious fun with your I really like the Mastermind spin on the typical DBD/F13 killer This has I hope it gets



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