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The countdown to PAX begins!  It's about one month until Destructoid descends on PAX once again and it should be one hell of a good time. PAX is a big deal for Destructoid and a lot of people are excited,  but that is the future.&...


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Dreams"Express yourself"


Code Shifter"Arc System Irks"


Dead Cells: The Bad Seed"It's good, actually"


Warcraft III: Reforged"Zug Zug 2020"


Wide Ocean Big Jacket"Those were the best days of my life"


Silver Falls: 3 Down Stars"At least the 3DS still has an extensive back catalog"


Journey to the Savage Planet"A surprisingly easygoing collectible-filled adventure"


Coffee Talk"Decaf soy mocha frappe latte with nutmeg, please"


Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind"This is how you Re Mind me of what I really am"


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never played Resident Evil 6 but Ill be playing it for a few NEVER I still want to stream something since Im off and home alone but fuck I gave Resi-6 an Im


Yakuza is top tier best game series of all That is Pic


Getting my tax return soon, and Ill finally start building a new Completely torn on which processor to go for though, between the 3700x and I can definitely use the extra 4 cores, but its like 250 bucks more, so


Man, I remember watching this news broadcast on Youtube back in How time flies my


Im feeling oddly inspired to play some FPS I might try to actually beat the campaigns on Black Ops 3, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield Any other recommendations?


Birds of Prey was


Hey boyos, so Kingdom Hearts collection is out in Australia in Xbox and we’re trying to figure out if buying that through our American Xbox One is Microsoft’s chat service rep isn’t terribly helpful, so can y’all shed any light?


Wolf with magic

Czar Kazem

Initial impression of Cindered Shadows for Three Houses - ALL OF THE NEW CHARACTERS ARE SO HOT CAN I MARRY ALL OF THEM AT ONCE



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