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Xbox One: the console that divided a fanbase

Conflict and disillusion linger still. Let me just get a couple of things out the way before diving into the topic at hand. I am not a fanboy, I know most of you hear this all too often from those who end up being blatant fanboys, but tr...


Let's talk about hype.

All aboard the hype train. First off I just want to say that for this blog I will be using the term "hype" as reference to anything designed to generate intarest and/or mass apeall. So with that said, on with the blog. Hype, is somewhat...


What makes a game great?

Peeling back the layers of greatness   The reason for me writing this blog is because I received a message from a fellow gamer recently, it read as follows. "Earlier I was told via the internet, that I shouldn't like Bayonetta as much...


Persona 4: Arena review (Xbox 360)

The beat 'em up done right!. I picked Persona 4 Arena up on a whim recently and honestly rather enjoyed it for what it is, I know I mite be showing my hand a little early here but stick with and I'll let you know just why you shouldn'...


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