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Finished with Shakedown Hawaii, for the moment at least. Good game. Though I hope if the developer makes future games with similar tonal shifts, that the weirder items can be accessed via cheat code or something in free roaming.


Character through Quote: Zer0

Fans of any media franchise are known for nothing if not being meticulous in recording information of the media they love, and fans of Borderlands are no different. While the series is understandably divisive for its gameplay mechanics...


I must say I respect the Spelunky remake developers for adding seeds over time to gradually increase the odds of unlocking the shortcuts to practice with. It's useful but not broken, since you need to learn the game regardless to make use of them.


The new SD Gundam line (the latest three-kingdoms based one) is impressive. Good gate placement, lots of large parts that are presumably easy to deal with seam lines if you're a person who cares, and uses some great designs. Images in comments.


Since this is one of the few places I can be fully open about it without being misunderstood, I figure I might as well get it out of the way. I'm autistic, but that doesn't change much. If I fuck up, please let me know, and I'll correct it ASAP.


Decided to go professional in drawing and writing. To do that successfully, I'll need much more practice. Decided to start simple, with a basic pose study. Now to do a hundred more! Let's rock. Image in comments, since the site is fighting me.


My google-fu is failing me. Anyone have a link to the discord?


Shakedown Hawaii's first patch fixed the majority of my problems with it, those being the map's readability and some minor bugs. The My Time At Portia developers should take notes...


Returning to The Witcher 3 after a long hiatus. Anything I should keep in mind while playing, other than remembering that the world outside the game exists?


FINALLY. After more attempts than I care to know and hours of play spread over days, the final boss of Sekiro has fallen. ... Probably not going to play new game + for a few months, for my sanity's sake.


Once more, I enter the breach. The final boss of Sekiro has felled me more than a dozen times, and may well a dozen more, but I will be victorious damn it! ... Hopefully.


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I'm a mixed media artist, leaning significantly more toward digital art over pencils on paper.

I've been writing and drawing in some form for most of my life, though with periodic hiatuses as my motivation waxes and wanes.