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If you're looking for a retro fps that has the combat of brutal doom mixed with the exploration of ultima underworld or Arx Fatalis I strongly recommend you check out Hedon. It's pretty darn awesome!


So Remnant: From the Ashes is basically dark souls meets resident evil 4 and that couldn't be more my fucking jam if it tried.


Playing Silent Hill 2 for the first time since childhood and... It's really easy? I'm playing on normal difficulty and the enemies don't pose even the slightest hint of a threat. Does it get harder or should I start again on a higher difficulty?


Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is downright charming. I'm loving every second of it. Which begs the question: is the first one as bad as everyone says it is? If so what was wrong with it?


I feel like every weapon in amid evil would be the best weapon in any other fps. "Here's a mix of a rail gun and a shotgun you fire from a sword, heres a gun that chains lightening and makes everyone explode, here's a gun that fires motherfucking planets"


Im pretty desensitised to horror. I haven't been scared by a horror film in a long ass time, and while games may make me feel tense, they rarely get under my skin. That said goddamn Lost in Vivo is fucking terrifying.


I really wasn't expecting to like Code Vein as much as I currently am. What's weirder is that I'm liking it because of how damn different it is to Crash Bandicoot.


Tried to buy xbox game pass for pc. They need a code, but my phone number has changed since I last used the account so I updated it. The updating process takes 30 days. In that time I can't make any purchases on the account. So frustrated.


Dusk is objectively better than Doom 2016, and will probably be better than eternal too. If this opinion seems controversial to you, you haven't played Dusk.


Which do you guys think is better: resident evil 7 or resident evil 2 remake?


I bought blasphemous, control, devil may cry 5, the surge 2, and my friend Pedro. Played a bit of all of them but so far control is grabbing me the most. Its a good fucking game - although it'd be nice if the map was at all useful.


I hate that feeling where you go to write a qpost or comment on someone else's and all of a sudden your brains just like "why are you doing this? Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say" and then you delete the post and disappear for a week.


Playing the resident evil 1 remake for the first time and holy shit it holds up super well. I'm not super well versed in tank controls but they make sense for fixed camera, and the prerendered backgrounds are straight up gorgeous.


How would you rank the soulsborne games?


Been replaying The Last of Us because 2 is coming out soon, and God damn does this game hold up well. It still looks incredible, the writing and acting still puts most other games to shame, and the gameplay has such a chaotic and improvisational feel.


I got borderlands handsome collection free when I got RE 2 and decided to finally give the series a proper go. Man... What a mixed game. For everything I really like about the game there's something I detest. The prologue is complete trash for a start.


I'm really liking roguelike deck builders at the moment. Its great to actually be able to build my own decks in a card game without being a millionaire and using meta decks lest I get curb stomped into oblivion.


Just finished my third play through of resident evil 2. Seriously, the game is a masterpiece but it really needs more enemy variety. There's like 5 enemies in the game not including bosses. Also how has no RE game since outbreak 2 been set in a zoo?


Finished my first RE2 run. Died 3 times, took 12 hours, and saved 52 times. The game is fucking brilliant. I had to just take in every detail which is why playtime is so long. The game does a great job of feeling dangerous without being punishing.


Anyone here remember this game? Think silent hill mixed with Grandia. Apparently it's part of the shadow hearts series which I unfortunately never got around to playing but I loved this one when I was a kid.


OK Mr X is kind of tedious. Not really scary or difficult to get around, just an annoying obstacle that constantly pops up and blocks progress for a few minutes.


I love that resident evil has returned to its survival horror roots, but I'd love for platinum games to make a stupidly over the top action game in that universe.


I listened to you guys and got resident evil 2. I'm a couple of hours into clairs campaign and it's real fucking good. You guys did not lead me astray. Tim summarised the game best in the image.


Finished bloodstained and found it fairly enjoyable but a bit on the easy side. Started playing hard mode and died 20 times in the tutorial since basic enemies have the hp of a boss, take at least 25% of your health, and there are a fuckton more of them.


My girlfriend pointed out that Miriam from bloodstained sounds like mickey mouse whenever she grunts and now I can't unhear it.


About whybmonotacrabone of us since 7:38 PM on 08.22.2019

Hi, I'm a grown ass man who's user name is a reference to Adventure Time. That should be enough for you to make your mind up about me. If for some odd reason it isn't, allow me to list some games that are very special to me so you can further judge me.

Dark Souls
Life is Strange
Super Metroid
Hollow Knight
Disco Elysium
Yakuza 0
Trails in the Sky
Ys - All of them
Actually, just every Nihon Falcom game.
Fallout: New Vegas
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
Resident Evil Remake, 2, REmake 2, 4, Code Veronica, & 7
Silent Hill 3
Half Life 2
The Evil Within 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Skate 2
Tony Hawk Underground
Persona 4
Guild Wars 2
Mass Effect 2
Both Prey games.
Star Ocean 2
God of War 2
Burnout 3
Gran Turismo 3
Ratchet and Clank 2
Jak 2
The Last of Us
Uncharted 2

I could honestly do this all day. But you get the picture. I love metroidvanias, platformers, rpgs, skating sims and 90s fps games - but more than that I love when a game from a genre I'm not typically into sucker punches me and makes me pay attention.