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The Retroforce Game Museum: Almost Done!

Itís been awhile folks. The Retroforce Game Museum has sat idly by since September while I busied myself with schoolwork. I couldnít bear to see it sitting there all half finished any longer. Iíve been putting in some hours the past co...


The Retroforce Game Museum: Painted and Playable!

I got a lot of work done on The Retroforce over the long Labor Day weekend. But unfortunately, things have come to a temporary halt as I spent all last week moving. The cab has survived the move with only a minor scratch, but it will ev...


The Retroforce Game Museum: Control Panel Overlay

Woo! Front page-GET! Thanks Hamza :) A little update today. I'm out of town this weekend, so I haven't been able to work on my cabinet. I did order some green t-molding and the slot-cutting bit I needed from t-molding.com. I also work...


The Retroforce Game Museum: part 1

So you may have seen me hint at it in the site’s comments lately, and basically the entire reason I made that previous introduction post was so that I could share this. I just wanted to start my C-Blog all proper-like. Anyway, for the...


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