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I hope you all had a great #CatGirlFriday and have a wonderful weekend :).


I just finished the new South Park game. I think next I'm going to play..uh what's it called? Ah yes. DOOM? I think some of you have played it before. A good pick for Halloween :).


Dtoid is back!


Deadmoon posted about this Digiorno Cheese Stuffed Crust Buffalo Style Chicken pizza about a couple weeks or so ago. I tried one and it was really fucking good. So thanks for the heads-up, man :D.


Ooooo this looks nice. RDR 2!


Happy Mutation Day to all my Dtoid people who have birthdays today :).


So...how many of you have finished FFXV and are willing to dive back in for the Comrades Multiplayer DLC in October? I want/need peoples to play with me.


It was and still is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Have some sexy pirate, Qtoid.


I hope Mario and Megaman quit playing around and start getting serious about their relationship.


Frank Vincent has died. I hope his family and friends are doing ok. Loved your work, sir. (I mean you can't read this shit.. aww fuck it. Cue the video.)


Happy Birthday Fuzunga :). I've found you an awesome cake:


I've found footage of Kerrik cooking!


It's that day again :D.


I'm close to wrapping up the post game stuff in FFXV. I'm not sure what I'll play after it. So many I have to return to. So many yet to be opened. Go back to Persona 5? Maybe going for a shorter game would be best? I still have to finish Sonic Mania. Hmm.


Happy Birthday Dere! Um...you talk about poop a lot. But we still love you! Have a wonderful day, buddy :).


I also just caught the Liege of The Lake. I'm the king of FFXV fishing!


I've finally caught The Devil of the Cygillan. Take that, Navyth!


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