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Happy late birthdays to Deadmoon and Flanx and whoever the fuck else had a birthday recently or is about to have one. Love you guys :).


Hey guys. Some of our community members are playing games for the charity Extra Life. Please go watch Roxas1359 stream Ape Escape right now. Tell your friends. And of course, please donate :). (For the kids!) Links in the comments below.


I hope you all had a great #CatGirlFriday and have a wonderful weekend :).


I just finished the new South Park game. I think next I'm going to play..uh what's it called? Ah yes. DOOM? I think some of you have played it before. A good pick for Halloween :).


Dtoid is back!


Deadmoon posted about this Digiorno Cheese Stuffed Crust Buffalo Style Chicken pizza about a couple weeks or so ago. I tried one and it was really fucking good. So thanks for the heads-up, man :D.


Ooooo this looks nice. RDR 2!


Happy Mutation Day to all my Dtoid people who have birthdays today :).


So...how many of you have finished FFXV and are willing to dive back in for the Comrades Multiplayer DLC in October? I want/need peoples to play with me.


It was and still is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Have some sexy pirate, Qtoid.


I hope Mario and Megaman quit playing around and start getting serious about their relationship.


Frank Vincent has died. I hope his family and friends are doing ok. Loved your work, sir. (I mean you can't read this shit.. aww fuck it. Cue the video.)


Happy Birthday Fuzunga :). I've found you an awesome cake:


I've found footage of Kerrik cooking!


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