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Starting tomorrow I'll be away from Dtoid for about a week while I head up north. If I come back and the site has been renamed to Siegetoid, I will assume the worst and head into the mountains to build a brighter future.


The new Elder Scrolls Online expansion is being teased, with a reveal for next week. Based on the dragon motif, I'm making the wild guess that we're going to Akavir for the first time in series history, which would be amazing.


Ok. I followed the suggestion a dtoider gave me, and finish Demon's Crest. And now let me ask... What the hell Capcom? That game was AWESOME! Why you never gave it a sequel! Now im off to another unknown SNES game (for me): Secret of Mana.


If Jump Force was a competitive fighting game with Arc Systems styled graphics it would be a dream come true.


It's quite an odd sensation to have such a chill song stuck in your head during a super busy day at work.


I'm refreshing myself on some of the story beats of Kingdom Hearts before 3 happens. How do these stupid games make me so emotional?


They make T-100 spiders now?!


Yooooo the opening to the new Mob Psycho season is crazy good!


The last 3 parts arrive tomorrow and then it’s going to be build day!!!


Metroid Prime is over 16 years old, my God I feel ancient...


Yes. This is Smash Brothers.


Giving Gus a run for his money today. I'm so punny


When you realize that today is your friday for work.


Have you guys heard anything about the violent attacks happening in northeastern Brazil right now? I'm wondering if it caught the attention of foreign media.


I gotta stop reading the news. At this point I'll pop a blood vessel before I'm 23.


Super Mario, Tales of Vesperia, Ace Combat, Resident Evil. Slow your roll January.


Sea of Thieves is fixing the dreaded 'double gun' tactic

Death in Sea of Thieves can come swiftly. Sometimes you're simply outwitted or outplayed, and that's fine, if a bit irritating in the moment. Other times, you might be offed in a less-than-commendable fashion. That's how I'd sum up the so-c...


Debating whether I should play Resident Evil 2 now or right before the 25th. Also if I should play REmake 1 as well. Going through resi 2 i'd just be doing Claire A and Leon B. hmmmmmmmmmm...


Thinking back to the moment I popped the DMC2 disc out of its case all those years ago - why was it so bad? Like did different people make it? What happened?


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