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Kinda bummed today because I had ordered some really cool cards for my Mazirek Commander deck but couldn't make it to my local game Store cause it was raining all day long. Scute Swarm, Awakening Zone, Sakura-Tribe Elder and a few other goodies :/


I'm sorry to upset all of you so much but it's never easy to hear the truth, after 20+ viewings of each movie, this is the proper Toy Story ranking 4>1>3>2 feel free to argue about why you are all wrong


I'm done sharing my music. I'm not leaving the site, but there's no point to sharing my music if it's not going to be heard or downloaded. I'm spinning my wheels like a fucking car stuck in the snow. If you support my music, feel free to keep doing so.


Seriously though has anyone heard from RadPartyGod these past few months? Last post was in June...


The latest Destructoid Draws has been promoted to the front page. Please take a no to check it out and drop a comment if you have the time. So much talent among all yall :)




This is a lil lame because what is a number? But I’m just 4 followers away from the big 500 on Twitter. Would appreciate a follow because I dig round numbers :) you can even mute me if you want :D Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!




It always happens this way. Months go by with nothing shipping, then a bunch of stuff ships within a couple weeks time. Ha ha, whatever. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Left 4 Dead 2 is still a blast. That is all.


New stickers for my new canteen!


You thought it was Dire Dire Docks, but it was me, HARD HABIT TO BREAK!


Aria is done! 1 hundo map, all the enemy souls, and Chaos dead. A couple of those souls were a pain to get, but overall I had fun finally getting everything in the game, which I've never done before. The only achievements left are the replay ones, ugh.


Cannot believe the new Venom movie has a scene where Venom goes to a rave after a big break up, gets super fucked up and gives a speech about how he's out of the closet and we should accept LGBT folks for who they are. While wearing glow stick necklaces.


Finally back home after four months, and before I even unpacked my clothes, I made sure the gaming comp got its software updates and started installing Deathloop.


Today I got to do an impromptu story time at the library by myself. Hopefully we can use it as an official one for numbers. Was fun, albeit a bit rowdy at first.


I don't know how this slipped past me but I noticed an update to Terraria today (PS4) that was a patch to update Journey's End! I didn't even know I had it...so...um...damn I'm happy.. I've been waiting ages to play this update.


Heads up if you're waiting on the final Smash character announcement: stay away from Kotaku.


Dark Souls was the opposite of a mistake. Miyazaki deserves everything he got for making this timeline come to pass. The Souls fandom stands without ilk and I won't hear otherwise.


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