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Out of curiosity, how many times did you die to your first Shinobi Hunter?


What I loved in my recent readings: - Witty banter and wordplay - Wicked plot twists and turns What I hated in them: - Mawkish overreliance on romance/affection (as if it’s the epitome of being H U M A N) - Collectivistic bias in prose/dialog


Just watched Gallowwalkers on TV. It's a Wild West zombie flick starring Wesley Snipes. It's okay, nothing too special, although it has some decent special effects. Weirdest thing though, I don't think any of the main characters are named during the movie


Nep-Nep is back, now in shmup form, with Neptunia Shooter

A great man (Occams) once told me the best games are the ones you didn't know you wanted until someone made them... It was something like that. I think. Anyway, I experienced the embodiment of that theory this morning, when I learned that t...


So, how does everyone get to their blogs for editing? Because the one I was editing no longer shows up in my /edit page. It shows nothing for Cblogs until I hit "Next", and then it just shows me my really old ones. That's a lot of progress lost, dammit.


SNES prototype discovered for '90s video board game Atmosfear

A recently-discovered EEPROM has revealed that there was a SNES adaptation of creepy early '90s board game Atmosfear in the works, back during the heyday of the "video board game" craze.For those of you not approaching 40, Atmosfear (known ...


Fallout 76 adds a microtransaction that is not cosmetic

Although Bethesda is making strides with Fallout 76 and just injected a ton of new content into the game, they're walking on thin ice. The latest development for the game doesn't help. Like, at all. In short, Bethesda has added a non-c...


Update: I sat on the toilet too long


Anthony Marzano showed this to me and I am now a little more complete.


Now for the really important questions in life: Gunman Clive or Mixmaster Mike?


If a video game doesn't have any visuals, and it's just a blank screen but there's still gameplay going on, is it still a video game?


Dead or Alive 6 finally gets online lobbies this week

It's been long coming, but Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have announced that online lobbies will definitely be added to spin-kicking sequel Dead or Alive 6 this week, having been unavailable at launch and delayed from the original March update....


Dunno how I did it, but I was able to learn and beat Ashina Genichiro in Sekiro much quicker than I usually do. There really is something to be said about doing better when you're not stressing yourself out. So satisfying to deflect it all


So I finally caved in with Furi on Switch, seeing that it was on sale. Just started it and beaten the first boss but, someway, it didn’t click with me. I very much like the aesthetics and the music but I don’t know if I’ll commit. Opinions?


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