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Does anyone have any suggestions for really dumb kung fu films or classics outside of Bruce Lee? Think everything from Boxer's Omen to The Last Dragon. The cheesier the better!


A century ago, the 18th Amendment, which birthed Prohibition, was ratified in the States. Let’s just say it hasn’t aged like... fine wine. 🍷 Anyhow, personal responsibility should be the primary factor determining the consumption of alcohol.


I kinda forgot that Spider-Man was broken up into acts and OH NO SOMEONE HAS PLOT-BASED BLOOD COUGH!


Review: YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG is, as the title implies, a turn-based RPG that centers around a group of hipsters from the year 1999. A lot of its presentation is based around a mixture of 90s nostalgia and attempts to subvert genre conventions by ...


It's a crying shame how squandered the Star Wars license is in games. EA is taking fucking it up to the next level, but even before EA there were few standout SW games.


Jim didn’t seem to like the new NMH. The gameplay we had seen of the gsme a while back already had me disinterested but yeah. I’m actually interested in what Holmes thinks of this game. So, let us know Holmes!


Another game that was being voted for was How To Kill Monsters...and I was much more engaged with this. You control a giant robot tasked to kill a monster/dragon of some sort. I quickly got used to the controls, utilised the weapons... (5/30)


I got an email from Ubisoft asking me to fill out a survey on my experience with Project Stream, and apparently getting a free copy of the game that I'll actually *own*. I assumed the "free game" thing just referring to being able to play the beta. Nice!


The third Spider Man film will be titled “Home Alone” and it involves Parker having to protect the Avengers compound from the Sinister Six through the use some Rube Goldberg orchestrated traps. Look forward to it!


Got this old relic working.


There were also some short games by several different universities being voted for to get a funding boost. Of all of them, Doggo (by Wiptail Games) was the one that got to me emotionally. You are asked to control a dog after it gets dumped... (4/30)


Salt and Sanctuary is finally coming to Xbox One

Ska Studios used to be a one-platform developer. Throughout the last generation of consoles, Ska's allegiance was to Microsoft and Xbox. The Dishwasher games, Charlie Murder, I Made a Game with Zombies in It -- all of them could ...


This time tomorrow I will be in the sky on my way to Fort Lauderdale Fl. If you're near there wave!😉 OR even better buy me a beer.


Well, I caved and bought them. Anyone else buy them? How long did it take you to get your order?


Beyond Blue was a calming dip in the sea. Only able to spend a couple of minutes with it, but this is one I want in the future. (3/30)


Sea of Thieves will soon take up a lot less space

Managing which games you have installed at any given moment can feel like spinning plates. The problem varies quite a bit depending on which platform and type of games we're talking about, but if you like bouncing between a regular rotation...


Heads up, if you bought Persona Endless Night Collection in the US, check out the add on section on PSN for all 3 games, they put up a bunch of free shit for all 3 games. Offer isn’t in Europe yet, but Europe has been delayed with dlc on these games


First game of the Rezzed Zone I'm covering, 999. No, not Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. I mean a game made by one guy that's a bit like a puzzle platformer...and so, so hard. In fact, when on display at EGX in September... (2/30)


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