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PSA for Skyrim PC owners: if you use mods, make sure you've got the game installed and set not to auto-update before Nov 11. Apparently the Anniversary update is going to break the shit out of plugin functionality


Alphadeus not only made me a song before, I also commissioned him to get a cover of Sanctuary and I loved it. I use it for Kingdom Hearts projects now to avoid the dreaded copyright claims. So thanks Alphadeus! #Alphatoid


Tonight @ 7:30PM ET I'll be live again with... something! Perhaps it's SOMA, perhaps we'll do Soul Sacrifice, maybe neither. Tune in for more Spooketober -->twitch.tv/mamekumaaa


I'm just getting super fucked by Target and FedEx. All I want is to play Metroid Dread, but they can't bother looking for my package until I wait 14 business days.


Current Status:


I really need to stop playing Dread after drinking. About to start it for the third time because I fired it up and said "wait, how the hell did I get here?"


As I play through Metroid Dread, I keep thinking to myself, "I REALLY hope this game sold well". Fans have waited so long for this game, it's actually delivered, and it'd be a damn shame if we don't get more of these.


You know what? I need to make this my theme tune for my YouTube outros! #Alphatoid Also, 5 YEARS AGO!? Back when I was still "SeymourDuncan17".


When I become a VTuber (or when they make a movie about the story of my life starring Keenan Thompson), this will be my funky outro! #Alphatoid


Finished up Dread, thoughts in comments!


Important message below


New Bond was great. Think I may tie it as my favorite next to Royale, maybe 2nd. Will most definitely cement Craig as best Bond.


The logic checks out 📠 Give me the dazzling lighting effects of Far Cry 6 over yet another boring, flat, 2D Metroid 🤮


I want to give a shot to a neo-retro fps game (on Switch). Dusk or Ion Fury? Opinions? Leaning Dusk (pre-purchase) because Halloween. Update: pre-purchased Dusk because your overwhelming support, price (€16.66), and pre-purchases get a free Dusk '82 gam


Games may slide around, and they aren't really ordered in tiers, but I think this is where things fall for the Metroid games in my opinion right now.


After years of starting and stopping, and now months of not really being able to focus on many other games, my fiance and I have beaten Divinity Original Sin 2. What a special game, and I feel like I barely even scratched the surface after all that time


I just had to think for several minutes to remember the name of the current gen XBox. Is that because I am getting old or because of a combination of no one talking about the actual console ever and XBox being bad at branding?


Thought on Dread before I go to bed. That game is damn good at making me think I'm stuck until I FINALLY find the thing to do. Anyway hopefully sleeping on it and getting to it after work helps. Update, woke up tried a thing, it worked. HUZZAH!


Who do you think finds a horror movie less scary - a blind person or a deaf person?


I can't believe I'm contemplating on buying it again but, does anybody know how the skyrim anniversary upgrade is going to work? If I buy the ps4 SE will I get a ps5 upgrade? I only found a blog that mentions "special edition ps5 owners"


Qtoid sure is obsessed with a game that only got an 8.5.