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About viralhunterone of us since 11:04 AM on 01.20.2008

This industry's been too good to me.

Some days I feel like an addict, waiting on bated breath to see if the projects that consume our daily thought rise to their hyped expectations. Others, I feel like the shy kid in the back of the class who knows all the answers and can solve the problems, and subsequently wants to tear the command away from those who seem so inherently misguided.

Anywho, been tagging along with this tidal wave for going on 17 years now, since my Grandmother gave me a SNES with Super Mario World when I was 3. Since then I've mostly been a Nintendo/PC player up until 2004 when I branched out to get my grubby hands on anything I could.

I currently own a PS3 and Wii, and am re-buying a 360 this April due to a squabble over MS's return policy.

Currently: I'm only playing steam games at this point in dorm life. But ANYONE who wants to play Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, or whatever Valve spews out is more than welcome to add me.

Steam ID: ViralHunter

Personal Top 5, sans order :
Half-life 2 (Brought me into an online community for the first time)

Warcraft 3 (Taught me that a game could be far more than what the devs could ever imagine it would be used for)

Shadow of the Colossus (Impeccable art direction and a constant flow of unforgettable setpiece encounters left me breathless)

Metroid Prime (Immersion has no one better to shoulder its name)

Majora's Mask (Only beating out Ocarina because 1. It was far more refined and polished, sustaining a world that oozed with atmosphere and 2. It was my personal intro to one of my now favorite franchises).
Xbox LIVE:viralhunter


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