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I'm watching Sonic the Hedgehog anime movie. Because it's still really fucking good. And way better than the live action movie thing looks. Please put it on Blu-ray Sega. I love you guys. Sorry I'm sktchy and never speak anymore hahaha <3333


Ya girl wants to get into modeling and making custom action figures. Do any of you friendly nerd boys do this too? Any tips? Can I get regular shit at hobby lobby/ Michael's and be good?


You guys. The Bowsette (and subsequent characters) meme are what I've wanted my whole life. Yet I just can't. Can't get behind it. I have no urge to lick these characters is all I'm tryna say. It's surreal. Having a dead sex drive that exists deep down...


Ok Dtoid, tell me the meaning of life? If anyone knows, it's you. Yes you, right there, the naked one. With the nipples.


I don't communicate my thoughts to written words very well. Or spoken words for that matter. Literally most of my conversations turn into arguing over what I meant. I just want to have fun, but end up looking like a dumb cunt. Is there help for me?


*drinks more* TipsyTip powers activated. I like FF13 more than FF6 you filthy creaturessss. <3 but 7 5 and 3 are bestest. I'll fight you. Later when I feel like it. Beeeeep.


It is truly a curse to have the opposite opinion of the general public sometimes.


Ok so I'm trying to gauge whether or not I want a Switch for Pokemon Let's Go. It looks decent but it might also not be? It's hard to piece all the info together. Who's looking forward to it? Who's not? And why? Help me decide lol.


What ever happened to production for more Mortal Kombat Legacy? I'm watching it all again and it's so goood


100th qpost !!! I have no idea what to say. Or do. But I really have to share this. I love you silly fucks <3


I can't believe Streets of Rage 4 is finally happening. I'm so happy. I will do whatever I've gotta do to play it. Holy fuuuuck


have you ever worn a dress before? asking for a friend


Is the dtoid discord no longer around? ;_;


Alrighty its high time I asked: what happened to Larx? And Dreamweaver for that matter? Everyone else I used to talk with I still around I think. Just curious if anyone can fill me in?


I'm going to watch summerslomp! This Terry Crews intro is fun. I hope Roman dies. Whoa Dean cut his hair;_;;;;;


Good news everyone! A friend set me up with pso on gamecube. I can get used to playing this! I think the cube controller is the least cumbersome to use. Lots of turning the camera awkwardly but it's fun! :3 Only tried the psp version once long ago.


Trippys post of the day is something about all the evo hype being fun and neat yet she is somewhat sad and lacks the means to play said evo games and needs to go make cocoa to feel better now.


Anime fans in theaters go from one social awkwardness to the other. I felt like I was annoying people laughing at little things in Sailor Moon SuperS, yet a while back at Yugioh some folks were just horribly obnoxious. DBZ was a little in between?


I am only just now finding out that the other two sailor moon movies are in theaters again. R and S had a double feature and SuperS is tomorrow! Dubbed tomorrow, subbed in 2 days. I'm sad I missed S, since I saw R! But I got my tickets for SuperS! :3


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