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https://picarto.tv/Triggerpigdraws streaming the crash n sane trilogy for another hour or so if people want to drop in!.


sketched out that cute new Coco design.


Today's sketch, just messing around with OC drawing. Gonna try to get back in the habit of posting my daily-drawings here.


Anthro version of Kazooie I finished up yesterday.


Sketched an OC of mine, Clarissa today, trying to make my figures more expressive.


Dailysketch from yesterday, drew the cute new Ratchet girl(Also another one in comments)


Helltaker was super fun! (another drawing in comments)


First donation drawing and a second in the comments.


Hey guys if anyone's interested i'm doing a small charity drive for BLM with my commissions, sketches mainly. https://twitter.com/triggerpigart/status/1267928358215614464 Links here.


Rottytops painting, 18 hours till Shantae!.


Brawler Marianne, here to be beat up the death knight and take his lunch money.


Been a while since I posted anything here, have a gravity Kat.


Senator Armstrong sketch for https://twitter.com/Sacorguy79


I drew Torque from Chimera squad(also gonna link my other two dailysketches since I did'nt upload them, got some Kemono Friends and Flip Flappers Papika)


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