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Just a quick linktober sketch for today I'm not feeling up to much else . drew cutest birb Medli.


Linktober25 quick sketch of Mipha with a very long neck haha


Linktober 24 wish I could've fleshed this out more but way too tired today, my hand was wobbling while drawing haha


Only a quick drawing today , I've had some bad stuff on today so didn't have much time for drawing, hope you all enjoy though!


Linktober 22 prompt was Korok... Ok I drew koroks earlier but I really wanted to draw Saria today and she's kinda a Korok right?..


Linktober sketch 21 graveyard. Wanted to draw something a bit more obscure so here's the composer brothers from ocarina of time.


Patreon request of Razmi from Indivisible!, tbh i'm gonna get round to doing a full piece of her sooner or later anyway, she's the best and I love her!. ❤️


Linktober sketch 20 companion. Well I already had drawn Midna so I had to draw Fi, despite her...issues, I always loved her design.


Linktober sketch 19, need more pens tommorow, this one's running out, I'm quite happy with this though!.


Linktober sketch 18 Veran. Nintendo can we get some oracle remakes so that Veran can get the por- I MEAN the fanart she deserves.


Linktober sketch 17. This time of Botw Zelda, she's adorable.


Linktober sketch "dragon" way out of my comfort zone for this one and tired to boot haha.


Linktober sketch 12. Redrew Ganondorfs famous transformation from OOT but with his TP incarnation


Linktober prompt today was shopkeeper...so I chose this time to draw the sexiest, manliest, all around best Zelda character to ever have existed....no I am not accepting constructive criticism.


Linktober sketch 9 "forest". These prompts are really testing me, lot of subjects I'm not comfortable drawing, it's good practice!.


Linktober day 8. Drawing horses is haaaaaard, haha animals aren't my strong point, I think it came out well irregardless though


Linktober day 7. To this day I still wish TP had a direct sequel. Great story and lore and I'd never say no to another game with my favourite imp.


Linktober day 6. Quite tired so this one didn't come out too well imo. I should do a bigger piece of Din sometime though her design is great.


Linktober day 5, I really like the Poe designs from Twilight Princess, they're mega creepy.


Today's linktober sketch, I really hope when Ganondorf returns in Botw2 that it's with the complexity of his WW appearence, one of my fav villains due to that game.


Yesterday's linktober sketch!(forgot to post it here). I've always found Sheik really attractive but not Zelda in her true form, guess I just like mysterious tomboys.


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