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Pig's Games of 2020

Another year, another year of games.   I'm getting this out somewhat later then I expected to but, better now then early December like some weird people like to do, games that release in December deserve to be noted too people, p...


Valentine daily-sketch. Colored version coming soon.


Sei Asagiri!(also more dailysketches in comments)


I finally made a character sheet for Clarissa. Character writing is difficult lol, I want to practice at it though so I can do more comics sometime.


Snail chan sketch (also weekend dailysketches in comments)


Dragon Abs! Commission sheet for Gamemaniac of his OC Liza


A response to a tweet I got after the last Rosalina drawing.


About triggerpigkingone of us since 3:40 PM on 05.12.2014

I do the art thing and I like games, it's a good combination!.
Also occasionally blog.
I'm open to commission's, if you're interested just DM me or email me at [email protected]

Also I'm British so I'm legally obliged to drink copious amounts of tea and obsess over Dr Who.

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