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I drew Torque from Chimera squad(also gonna link my other two dailysketches since I did'nt upload them, got some Kemono Friends and Flip Flappers Papika)


Elora sketch, I've still not got round to playing the Reignited trilogy, but i'm very tempted to give it a go soon after seeing KingJGrim streaming it so much, it's getting me nostalgic for 2-3.


Comission for https://twitter.com/SwampstormAD of his OC and Spinel.


I tried drawing a certain Nia image for today's dailysketch (will post ref in comments)


Freya painting from FF9!. Surprised I've never seen her drawn in Tifa's costume before.


Ladd Russo from Baccano dailysketch, loved this show.


Audie sketch before bed! working on some big stuff atm, I hope to post soon.


Happy Birthday to David Tennant, the good ol 10th Doctor! he also plays a hell of a good Duck.


Following on from sneaky Illya, here's a sneaky snek. Yesterday's daily sketch.


Super Sneaky Illya's gonna steal all your candy. Commission for Nekro, thanks buddy.


Shantae's new cute as heck fish form, sketch for Cedi


Patreon sketch for Gundy of Captain Torres and his crisp white sheets that I have stomped all over with my dirty boots.


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