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Didn't get time to finish the piece I was working on so just did a quick Nia sketch today.


Did a quick Saki sketch today, who's looking forward to the new season of ZombielandSaga?


Fire Emblem 3 Houses is pretty dang good so far!, did a quick sketch of Bernadette, I went golden deer but I desperately want to recruit her lol.


Was my birthday today so I didn't do much drawing, thought I'd do a very quick Clarissa with a party hat ^_^.


Got friend round so quick daily sketch today of Raven!. Always loved her but then again who doesn't. (I miss OG Teen Titans)


Anyone here watched the road to El Dorado? I always felt it was one of the most underrated animated movies out there, the writing is so much fun between Tulio, Miguel and Chel(who I will draw sometime).


Only A few eps into Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid , but i'm really enjoying it. I also found out Kanna's got the same VA's as Cells at Works Platelets.


"There's no such thing as aliens!, PREZ they're bullying me!!" Drew https://twitter.com/Merryweatherey adorable Area51 Chan, I love her!.


another fairly weak sketch today, this time of outset island Link, it was so hot that I decided to just take most of the day off. i'll be off work soon though so hopefully I can get out stuff with more quality then ^_^.


Welp, heat beat me today, I'm too tired to do much more then a sketch of Ujico's Snail-chan.(albeit did get in some studying earlier so that's nice).


Who here's played Resonance of Fate? it's one of my fav RPG's, came up in discussion today so I wanted to sketch out one of the protags Vashyron for today's drawing.


Almost didn't get anything done today, felt like crap, I managed to draw another one of my dnd characters though. I last drew him in 2013 which I thought would be a nice comparison. His names Razputin, a psionic conman!.


Man my brain was just not working for drawing today, i've actually done quite a lot but nothing was coming out well, so I just sketched a quick birbs instead.


In tribute to KyoAni I drew Dragonmaid today.


Did another Doctor in the persona style, this time the second doctor. If you're a new series fan and enjoyed 11, he took a lot of inspiration from 2 considering tomb of the cyber-men as his fav episode.


Did a little comic with another one of my dnd characters, my current one Janek, wanted to do a brawler who wanted to talk his way out of most situations, usually with bad results. He's also addicted to mushrooms, might draw that sometime haha.


Here's my longest(10 yrs) running DnD character Indio, a drunken half elf who's terrified of the undead (and cats) and has dreams of being a grandiose adventurer. He's kind of an arse so don't feel too bad for him haha.


Patreon sketch today for Cedi of his OC eating..Rathalos Steak?... I honestly don't know what that looks like so I just make a steak with bits on top haha.


patreon sketch for a friend of Shadow Warriors Lo Wang


Been a while since I drew an OC, even longer since I drew Rei!


Watching Spider-man far from home in an hour, looking forward to it, Homecoming was the first spider-man movie I could really get into(then spider-verse came out and it was amazing!), who's your guys favorite spidey?.


Phew barely got this done before going to sleep, Just got back up to Purah in BOTW, she's so adorable!, can't wait to see her again in BOTW2.


Don't usually do stuff with blood in it, but the leak for Dr Waluigi just really made me think of meet the medic haha. Also man i've gotta improve at cartoon chars, happy with Waluigi but DK not so much.


Snails house uploaded a new album!, so I really wanted to draw his cute snail alien.


Today's daily-sketch, drew Kat!. Feel like I'm out of whack with traditional media again, drawing this was tough.


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