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Drew this character a while back, but never did a full body shot, figured it'd be fun to play around with clothing idea's for her.


Today's daily-sketch, a Padoru of Nettie from Serious Sam, for https://twitter.com/Sacorguy79


Sketched Spinel today, who's started Steven Universe Future? I've not gotten round to it yet. I'm really digging this ink brush a lot!, gonna keep using it, got a nice flow.


Testing out drawing angry emotions today and also tried a pen sketch, so I redrew a sketch I did of angry boi Dmitri. Think it's worked out well.


Sketched Jill from Va11halla today, one of my favorite characters, been meaning to pick it up again on the switch.


Just finished re-watching treasure planet, haven't seen it since I was a kid and man it holds up well.


Have'nt played Borderlands 2 in a long time, but I never played anyone but Gaige, she's such a fun character both in personality and playstyle.


Did'nt get much time to draw today, things kept getting in the way, very frustrating, but I got this out.


Christmas Bernies!, almost didn't get this daily-sketch finished, want to do more of them in color but it's a bit tough too when i'm short on time.


Last of the interview with monster girl's sketches, Yuki the snow women, still not far enough into the show to know much about her but she's cute.


Figured I'd just keep on drawin the interview with monster girl's cast because why not!. Here's the vampire girl Hikari.


Finished Valkyria Chronicles 4, gonna post my thoughts in the comments but there will be spoilers!.


Did'nt get to upload my dailysketch yesterday, dang internet went down. More interview with monster girl's fanart, I drew the adorable dullahan Machi


I drew Sakie the succubus from Interview with monster girls.


Sketched my monster hunter gal Mia, need to find the time for a longer piece soon, been too tired to work on anything big and life's busy. -m-


So a bunch of RE spirits are coming to smash and Wesker is possessing Captain Falcon, I couldn't resist haha.


Sketched one of my OC's Rei today, should really draw them more often.


Helluva Boss was a lot of fun, Loona is a goth werewolf and that appeals to me on many levels...also they got Zim to say fuck!


So I saw what Nia looks like with glasses recently and she's so cute with them!, I mean she's always cute anyway but the glasses are really nice!.


Sketch of Lora from Xenoblade2 dlc. I hate how attached I'm getting to her and the cast knowing how it all ends up for them, poor Lora.


Confound those Dover Boys!. https://twitter.com/Sacorguy79 patreon sketch, he wanted me to draw Dan Backslide from the old Dover Boys cartoon like a jojo character. XD. Copied a bit too much from the ref this time but I think it came out hilarious.


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