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I’m a top fan of Dtoid on Facebook. God it feels so good to finally be recognized


Dude, I am in the dark mostly about Sekiro, but I'm all aboard on that fucking hype train. I got my bags packed, my boner tucked into my waistband. Fuckin. Ready. 2 WEEKS


RIP Keith. What a bummer, man. I’ve been a fan of the Prodigy most of my life. Every time I listen to Fat of the Land it reminds me of playing Quake1 ctf and dm. :(


Finally got through Leon's campaign last night. Started my second run with Claire. Man, that shit's way more difficult. Reload speed, and zombies that can kick down doors. But why do I have to complete the same puzzles Leon already completed? /shrug


My new work area. I no longer work from home, so I brought some home to my new office


The last 3 parts arrive tomorrow and then it’s going to be build day!!!


Saved enough money to finally do a ground-up PC build. So pumped. Parts start arriving tomorrow!


Merry Crimmus, y’all. I hope you all are in good health and having a wonderous day.


The 1.5 years of me being a remote employee from home has come to an end. On Tuesday, I was fired. It was fucked up. But. I got a new job today. I'm going to be trained as a network engineer. My luck is on absolute fire.


How the fuck did Netgear go from being one of the best providers of routers to now one of the worst? My first Nighthawk lasted me 5 years. This new Nighthawk I've gotten hasn't even lasted 6 months. Sucks, man.


Listening to the first Korn album this morning while I work. Damn, it's so good. Holds up well.


hey you. yeah you. have a great weekend. touch some butts.


Oh man. I just got a late surprise $50 gift card. What game should I get? I shamefully already bought RDR2 with the one I got from my parents.


In Portland! High as fuck and playing retro games!


Over 8 1/2 years I’ve been with Mrs Travolta and she just threw out a Voldo reference. I never knew she was a Soul Caliber fan


Hi guys I hope your Tuesday is great. Love you. Signed Grandpa Travolta


We saw a cheetah named Cayenne today


Drunk and high in a bookstore in Portland. Looking at this massive wall of manga because I’m a weeeeeeb


I don’t understand people who can’t let others enjoy things. We get it, you don’t like it. But obviously other people do. Are people like that incredibly unhappy with themselves?


With the amount of people playing Blackout.. it's not looking good for PUBG. :o




I know none of you care, but the new Aphex Twin EP is so fucking sick. Like, goosebump inducing good. Link in the comments if any of you Dtoiders are interested.


Todd Howard just came out during the Apple conference. I bet it's going to be Skyrim on iOS


Mrs. Travolta is a New Yorker. She was there during 9/11. It’s not a subject we talk about, but it has left such an impact in her life.


The brewery gang and I! I’m the one in the middle. I’m so happy these guys have taken me in and made me a part of their family. They’re a great group of friends I’m proud to have.


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