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Man, it’s so fucking loud.


Since Oregon effectively has a 30% tax on alcohol, we drove to California today to buy booze. We bought around $400 worth of booze for $200. So happy right now. Our baller stereo will be delivered on Monday!


Ugh. What’s the name of the game that was previewed at E3. The teaser started looking like another walking simulator, and the at the end of the teaser a gigantic monster shows up and then the protagonist pulls out a sick looking gun. Anyone?


I need to learn how to drink and not qtoid


What’s that butt look like


All moved into the house, but no where near close to being unpacked. The previous owners left the house so dirty that we've been constantly cleaning instead of unpacking. Sucks. But man, being in your own house is the fucking shit.


1 1/2 HOURS UNTIL HOME POSSESSION! I have my cigar and whisky ready to go! So erect right now!


Closed on the house yesterday! Final walk through is tomorrow, and we get the keys on Monday!


Who’s poopin?


Now that Christmas is over, I’m starting to feel like my normal self again. Christmas Day was rough and the day was a battle to get through without crying. Thankfully I had videogames to keep me busy throughout the day. 2 weeks until we move.


I’ve spent my entire adult life living in apartments. The one I’m in now is by far the worst I’ve ever lived in. It’s made me into a real grinch this year. I’m just definitely not feeling it. 2 weeks and 1 day until we’re in the house.


I hope ya'll are having a good weekend.


House appraised for more than we paid. What a great fucking day it is today.


The Star War was so much fun!


TMW you see The Last Jedi’s RT score :O


4 weeks until we close on the house. Can't fucking wait. Looked at surround sound systems yesterday. Going to get a baller Klipsch Dolby Atmos system for the living room!


Somedays you need to listen to something brutal and heavy to get into the workflow. Dying Fetus does the trick!


I’m trying not to get hyped for Bloodborne 2, but someone on reddit pointed out that they might be making a spiritual successor to Bloodborne kinda like how Dark Souls was to Demon Souls. I really hope that’s the case.


Fuck you seasonal depression.


Finally go to unlock the power armor suit in Horizon Zero Dawn and it’s just another regular outfit. No cool looking power armor. Literally unplayable.


The Mayor of New Donk City is sexy as fuck


In Portland. Gonna get so fuckered up!


Been listening to a lot of Fear Factory lately and I've been feeling all the High School nostalgia. This quite possibly is one of the best covers, imo, ever done. Undeniably better than the original.


$1000 in earnest money. $400 for inspection. $875 for the appraisal. I’m fucking tapped!


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