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Guitar Anti-Hero

I live in Northern California. You know, that place full of Berkely and Berkinstocks and Hemp and Hippies and Pichuli Oil and more dirty Hippies. As a matter of fact, I graduated from high school in a town that was run by the Green Party. T...


Poo, Santa Barbara Rain!

So here I am, midnight, sitting in a hotel watching the latest on Britney Spears. She's such a tard. ANYway, I'm in Santa Barbara, a really nice college town on the West Coast. Yesterday it was UCLA, which was such a better school. UCSB is...


Damn Power/Electrical Lights

Like many of you, I'm sure, I keep all of my gaming and entertainment stuff in my room. Recently, I got a 360, which entailed getting the internet modem and router set up in my room as well. This has oddly created an interesting, irritati...


about the cblogs and Uno

So last night I wrote a quick blog about how much I love my new 360. So sue me. some people got pissy, and complained about the quick blurb I wrote. To those people: "I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I will never write a short blog po...


I got my Xbox 360

SO here it is..... I've finally reached the next gen in gaming. With Guitar Hero II, Forza 2, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, maybe I'm not on the cutting edge, but I'm getting there. Anyway, I've had huge problems with the interenet issue. N...


videogames live

Who want to see the San Francisco show. I got an email about it today, and all I know is that it'll be bout $40. I have no idea if I really want to go, or even what day it is. Let me know.


Nor Cal meet up?

So I'm finishing Finals this week, and I figured the best thing would be to have a Northern California Gaming meet up. I know that CTZ and .Tiff, as well as some other Dtoid contributors are in the area, and I think there are a few west coa...


the fanboy issue

Iíve been meaning to write this for a long time, and dealing with the pricks on the videogame sites has finally pushed me to the point of getting the whole issue out. I cannot stand Fanboys. Let me qualify that. I donít really have a probl...


I got a SNES belt buckle for Christmas

So the newspaper I write for had a white elephant gift exchange, and the contributing cartoonist knew I played games...(the whole campus knows; I'm the resident game journalist ;) anyway, he got everybody gifts, and he gave me this: Loo...


TTG Unpublished Gamer interview

To the uniformed, videogames and music donít quite stand hand in hand. After all, from the early blinky blips to the modern orchestral background tunes, itís just background music. Important to the game, but not something youíd re...


Sweet iPod skins (It has a bad boy Mario)

Dudes, I just found this sweet iPod skin site. this Mario bros. one I just stumbled upon. SWEET! There might be more here, But I gotta check it out: http://www.gelaskins.com Gah! this one is sweet!!! Edit* This awesome one is actua...


Are my scruples uncouth?

Lately, I've fallen into the habit of whenever something isn't up to par, I say it's "AIDs". Like, "Man, this movie theater smells like AIDs" or: " You've got a little bit of AIDs on your shoulder." or: "This Slurpee tastes like AIDs." ...


I'ma silly billy

sometimes I get really tired and fried, but not on drugs, cause it's bad, I do weird things. that are really funny. You should see anytime. My lips are chapped. I want geometry wars galaxies. Mario Galaxy is cool, but I'm bored with it....


Wiimote jacket get!

So I finally got my wiimote jackets in the mail today. man, Nintendo takes a long time to get these things in peoples hands, but hey, at least they're free, huh! Here's the package! Before: After: Now I'm ready for some Super Mari...


why mario galaxy is the shit

because it is. no screwing around with damn pixles, no stupid retarded things to do, no contrived stories, just mission based platforming that works really, really well. Also, you can crawl on the giant bee's cooter, and her stinger looks...


Super best ice cream!

Right now I'm eating the American Idol Cake flavored ice cream. God, I love this stuff so much. It tastes like CAKE! and there are sprinkles, and BLUE flavored frosting ribbons! It SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!! IF IT WAS A VIDEO GAME, IT'D...



K, I hafta go to teh bed! I haves lots of Home Work, like this Analyzing the social consequences of John Donne's well known Sonnet about the relationship between God and the poet is very draining. Sometimes when I read his body of work, I ...


I'm LOL'ing right now.

at the weird, crazy stuff that happens here. At first I hated you bastards for doing this crazy stuff, but now I love you all. PS I'm getting a 360 for Christmas. finally!


Across the Universe Sucks so bad.

Seriously, I just got back from the most wasted two hours of my freaking life. Between a stupid Liverpudlian, an irritating Evan Rachel Wood, and a posse of stupid wannabe hippies in a disjointed mess that is an attempt to be relevant and ...


Zack and Wiki and Lars and the Real Girl

So this week has been al sorts of fun for Mr. Topgear. First, I came back from a cruise where they were all hard about drinking, yet my twin sister was able to smuggle absinthe from Mexico onboard. :( Cruise was fun though. I wrote ...


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What's to say? I like videogames, otherwise, why would I be here? Other than that, I'm a college student (UC Berkeley 2010)and I do journalism. I was Co-Editor in Chief at my junior college paper, The Oak Leaf, until I transfered to Berkeley. You can read it online here. I even had a games column which is surprisingly popular, and people get a kick out of it.

I also write for a tech blog at LogicTV. It's a cool; check it out.

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