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Breaking the fourth wall: Glitches

For some unknown reason I am completely fixated with glitches. I get giddy when I pass through an invisible wall or get to a place I'm not supposed to. It makes me appreciate the game a little more. When I found a way to get out of the g...


It's over.

I divorced Photoshop. I'm now staying at MSpaint's house. We're in a heated custody battle over who keeps the Ron Workman pictures.


I am so pissed...

I spent all of 3 days getting Zombie Genocider and when I finally got it I "saved and exited". Fuck, now I has no megaman blaster. Why? Because I'm stupid. Someone give me a jar of SPACE JAM so I can smash it over Jordan's fucking face.


Why Half-Life 2's crowbar kills in two hits.

Look I like half-life. I also like pizza, but like I'm gonna write up a blog about pizza. Yesterday somehow a conversation about paintball with my friends led to a debate between Halo or Half-Life. They (two of them) are big halo fans. ...


A newish breed of gamer

My brother scares me. He and I owned an xbox, and not having internet at the time we never experienced xbox live. I never really gave a thought into it, as I was into RPGs and all around single-player experiences. But my brother always she...


Custom DS ahoy!

I hate my DS. I bought it launch date. Pristine. Innocent. After a whole shitload of frustrated throws, fumbles, and just retarded handling on my part it seems to have stood up well besides the hinge crack and various scrapes everywhere. Al...


No more Heroes (of the regular variety)

Videogames have become sort of like TV; copying off each other, running with what's popular at that time. Right now it's Si-fi shooters, and I remember the time where adventure games were abundant. But adventure games had truly memorable ch...


Favorite Development studios.

I have respect for the developers that make our favorite games. A lot of love and hard work go into these titles so that we can play them, or more importantly, make money. But none the less, I have a couple of General favorites that I would...


the GAMEGOBLIN's cunning sceme

Today I had the idea to buy the Xbox 360 universal media remote. I was in need of a new TV remote, so it was like killing two birds with one stone. So I bought it at my EB Games and happily frolicked home. Turns out it doesn�t work. The re...


Portugal: In overview

I've gone to Portugal every four years, and last summer I learned a lot about the country as a whole: -Their music's not that great (Note: Two most popular bands in the country: D'ZRT (pronounced desert) and 4Taste. No fucking joke) -The...


A way to fit PS3 games on 360

Well, this would happen to be my first post on my blog, and hopefully not the last, so here goes... Reading Destructoid's various comments from others made me aware of the constant backlash from PS3 fanboys concerning the Xbox 360 disk h...


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