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My bestest buddy, UnstoppableJuggernaut

Unstoppable Juggernaut is my bestest internet friend in the whole wide universe. Forget that fat Texan guy or that mexican that's always in IRC, UnstoppableJuggernaut is the super duper-est. I'm writing this blog because I want to shout...

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I got fired.

Gamespot can suck my balls. Go DIAF Gamespot! I'm gonna grind up your parent company and your advertisers and feed you them in chili! Aww yes, your tears taste so good! Yes! i can taste the failure! Mmmm, Gamespot! Also, I pulled a...



If the IRC images are illegible, as is the case for some people switch browsers or Right-click and view to make them bigger and clearer. This Monday�s investigation: Necros (The shitty Cop Drama) **** �None of this was staged or rehears...


Uncovering the great mysteries of Destructoid

I am starting this weekly blog about all of the odd paranormal and unexplainable happenings that happen in destructoid. And I am not doing this just for CTZ. I came up with this idea around 100 years ago, give or take a few. I call it... ...



My gift to Destructoid. Too bad it's a shitty gift too. I worked hard on it as well. Not good at all. It's like getting a macaroni picture of yourself for Christmas. You know they tried, but they failed. And that makes you sad. And just a...



I got Bioshock a whole month after you all!!! Ha!!! I got it later than everyone else! I'm hardcore. It's the greatest game ever. And guess what? YOU CAN PLAY IT TOO! Ha ha! It's so amazing. I can't believe that I get to experience it after...


unstoppablejuggernaut, I salute you

I just had a fuckin' great time with unstoppablejuggernaut (aka CLIMAXone) over the Call of Duty 4 beta. Thanks man! Your the best person from Destructoid I've played with over live. I've only played with two, but still.


Metanet Software is awesome.

btw I finally got the COD4 Beta, so hit me up if you wanna play. I entered my level in N+, but didn't win. I came home today, and my dad tells me "There's mail for you". I check the envelope, and it's stamped toronto. "WTF?" I said. I tu...


I won't be here for awhile

Sorry for the double post, but wiisucks and testimonials don't go well on the same post. I haven't been here latley as I used to. Every day I would come on and read blogs from the lovely Dtoid crew, do some paint pics, and mess around on t...


Style and Substance: A response to Tron Knotts

Tron Knotts recently brought up the �style over realism� matter in videogames. I for one agree with him; This new generation�s videogame consoles are geared towards replicating our world around us in virtual form, not creating a unique visu...


The Neverhood

I'm bored, so i thought i would tell you about a game. I played The Neverhood about two years ago, when I found it in a box stowed away in my brother's basement. I took it home, along with Syndicate Plus and Full Throttle, but The Neverhoo...


Super Mario War + GoW banner

This game is old, but amazing as hell. The game plays like one big Mario deathmatch, and you have to either stomp or use items on the other Marios (or any other character you select, with the roster ranging from Megaman to Excitebike) to...


-D- Photoshop Contest

After everyone felt the need to make a cblog post about the SAME DAMN THING (Bioshock, anyone?) The repost has already been plundered. Come on, it's a worthy cause, and you get the chance to photoshop the damn stupidest thing ever invented ...


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