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It is so hard to believe I am actually going to be playing the FF7 Remake tonight. Excited beyond words


Am I the only that thinks the new PS5 controller is real ugly? Sounds like it has great functionality, but those colors are bleh.


Cadence of Hyrule is super fun! Loving it loads, and the soundtrack is A+++


I’ve been quite on e3 so I can write an article on it rather than flood the Q.Posts. Just know, the Nintendo one had me squee with joy multiple times, and BOTW 2 made me cry


In my bag, in the same pocket as my pens, there is an Altoids tin. It clanks againt my pens, making the exact same noise as the one it makes when you walk in BOTW. I love it.


Goddamn....SIGIL is mindblowing. Level design on par with the original and an amazing soundtrack. I'm going to play this a lot. I'm a happy DOOM fangirl right now.


Reasonable Side of Brain: Go to sleep you have to be up in 4 hours More Fun Way Better Side of Brain: There’s more grinding to do in FireRed and your Pikachu is gonna evolve soon


When it comes to zany zombie beat em ups, Lolipop Chainsaw > Dead Rising. That’s right I said it


So I've been playing Postal Redux from Civvie's recommendation, and it's a really interesting game. I have some things to say about it, expect a blog.


By they way, I'm back. Had to leave for a bit to work my own shit out, but I am back and better than ever. Can't wait to yell about video games again here


Replaying Fallout 3 made me realize it’s just....reverse Taken


All I’ve done is play Smash this weekend and I couldn’t be happier


So I had my wisdom teeth out and played lots of Persona 4 and New Vegas a bunch. Whenever I'm sick or like recovering I like to play my favorite games again. Anyone else do this?


Yo Yo Yo homeslices life has been crazy but my GOTY's will be out tomorrow I shall be the last person ever to post it but hey it chill


Ill get it out soon, shit was packed for a bit with mid terms and such.


Oh yeh I totally posted my Games of the Year list on time...haha


Top 10 of 2017 and top 10 most anticipated of 2018 blog should be out either Sunday or Monday!!! Super excited to be blogging again!


Happy new year friends, heres a cute song to help you feel nice and hopeful for a new year. Ima write more on here in 2018, its gonna be a good year.


So I've been playing Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite and I love it! Its gameplay is stellar and all that good stuff. Know what isn't good? CUTTING OUT CHARACTERS FROM PREVIOUS GAMES AND SELLING THEM SEPERATE. GIVE ME THE FULL FUCKING GAME CAPCOM. More later


Merry Christmas!!! Hope everyone is having an awesome day. For christmas, my family got this for our house, and I am so fucking happy. Has some of my fav games of all time. Also got a travel sized telescope so I can look at the stars!


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Welcome to my page!

My name is Jay, and I write about video games and stuff here.

I go by they/them if you care.

This is my Twitter: @j_peters1221

My favorite video games are:
- Fallout New Vegas
- The Ultimate Doom
- Frog Fractions
- Earthbound
- Pokemon FireRed
- LOZ: Breath of the Wild
- Binding of Isaac Rebirth
- Undertale
- Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
- Depression Quest
- Portal
- Final Fantasy 6