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Alter your clock in Fallout Shelter for massive damage.


Pizza, Beer, Rocket League.


I will always be here to try fancy new features.


Mushroom Collection

My friend Amelia got this tat the other day, thought it was blog worthy. Name all the mushrooms in the comments and you get a gold star. I miss you guys.


I Dare You to Eat This (NVGR)

What would satisfy you more? A Hot N Spicy McChicken? Or A Big Ass BK Burger. 1. Go to your local Burger King. 2. Order a Triple Steakhouse XT 3 Cheese Burger. 3. Make sure they understand what you want. 4. Joke with the cashier. (The...


How Do You Wipe Your Ass? *NVGR* (+ bad mofo)

Ok I was having a conversation with a couple buddies when we started to have different answers about this topic. So I was like huh I wonder which is the correct method. Also... A who is the baddest mofo amongst the editors and team.... ...


The FEAR:The Waggletar of Next Gen

Here we are as some might see it in the middle of this console generation. What does that mean? Well a few things, and some might not be that great. With every new generation we get prettier games, and also some games start getting really...


PAX ReWIND: Table Tennis- Do you own it?

I felt like bringin' back some old game videos from PAX. Has anyone here on Dtoid bought this game? If so why the hell did you buy it? P.S. -Namelessted, King3vbo, TehuberOne, and Orcist are all featured in the video. I got Orc...


CBLOGS FIXXED!!!! Now how many words can I fit in the title since the CBlogs aren't workin? Lets find out. So how are you guys taking the C-Blogs being broken? Puppet wants to Try and Suck CJPKILLERS cock. Milky is going to buy some AZNS( so that might i


Super "Super Sculpey" Figure Time: CLAY DADDY!

Ok, I know its not finished or what not but who cares. I was hittin' some Gamestops in San Antonio a few days ago and came across this. This Big Daddy sculpture was placed in the back behind the counter. I was all, " Dude ". I wasn't abl...



This guy Justin can play Dragonforce on Guitar Hero 3 after only 3 hours of playing the game. Watch the videos in order. Enjoy. Lyrics" " On a dark winter morning, there was no light, throught the sky and fire. And i wass the...



I've been well busy, doing some hardcore shit. I miss you guys I really do, so here is a blog about some HARDCORE DRANK! I just received a long overdue package from XTAZY ENERGY. This shit is bomb. Check it each can has: 300% B...


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