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Tales from Skyrim: A Mammoth Task

My Skyrim story started with a request for a mammoth tusk, which I tucked in the back of my mind, because hey, I hadn't even seen a mammoth yet at that stage. But I started causing trouble with the local giants, and soon enough, I found a...


Resolutions: My New 'No Buy' Policy

My New Year's Gaming Resolution is quite simple. I'm not buying any games. No, I'm not sailing into cyberspace on a pirate ship - I'm just leaving all the buying to my family and friends. This means I will need to be very patient (and ...


Thanksgiving: Thnks fr th Mmrs

When I survey the current gaming landscape, I can't help but feel there's something missing. I see a year of sequels; I see publishers playing it safe; I see companies callously ignoring their fans. It makes me thankful it wasn't always t...


Zelda Week: Why Link to the Past is the Greatest

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. There is no perfect introduction to this great work of art that has ignited so many imaginations; a game that has danced in the minds of young children with magic and possibility. I know this beca...


Acquisition: I Like to Watch

I've never bought a game at midnight, but I've been to many midnight launches.  I guess you could say I'm a midnight launch voyeur. There's something about all the hoopla and rabid devotion that makes me excited empathically.  The cospla...


MMO Stories: Ambrosia

My MMO Story is one of forbidden love. It is a story that has not yet been written. It is a story doomed before it begins, and if it ever does begin, can only end in doom. You see, I've never played an MMO, and it's not because I don't...


Online Passes: Okay, I'll Play

I have the usual qualms with online passes, most of which have been summed up by Jim Sterling on every second episode of Podtoid, but there is something I'd like to address. If you're going to make me pay for server costs, you'd best be da...


Integration: Animal Crossroads

This is a long shot, and it will likely never happen, but I think that Animal Crossing should become the Wii U's interface a la PS3's Home. It would be a great interface for user-created content to be exchanged: fashion, music and Miis f...


Villains: Zombies are the New Black

This generation of consoles has seen a torrential downpour of zombie games. Dead Island, Plants vs. Zombies, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising - that's five IPs off the top of my head that have sprung forth from this generation of cons...


Obscurity: Cream Wolf.

Cream Wolf is a fever dream in Flash form. Concretely, Cream Wolf is about an ice cream vendor and werewolf who gobbles up his clients by night. It proves to be a strange and interesting premise for a game that is eerily familiar, yet al...


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