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I finished up Berserk season 1 (for the second time). I think I'm just going to feel weird and sad the rest of the week


We're going to a game five! Holy cow what a game!


Lavos is born! The day of reckoning is at hand!


Why any team is picking Tiny in TI8 after all the literal and figurative throws blows my mind. Holy cow what a game with Secret.


Mag's contracts got some might fine print, and that might fine print puts Mag in a mighty fine predicament.


Yeah...it's pretty big...I guess


"Lovage is an erect, herbaceous, perennial plant growing to 1.8–2.5 m tall". Easy there Wikipedia, let's not get all hot and bothered


Man, I really love The International. Its so wholesome / entertaining / inspiring. And cringy. Very cringy. Could do without that.


8 of 8 traveler's stories completed...


3 travelers remaining. Man, though, the end game is really just a matter of going through the motions


I really like the harmony in Video Killed the Radio Star


Best love story ever written.


After two absolutely soul crushing days over the weekend, I overrate a bunch of Indian food and I feel happy. Life is weird.


This world isnt mine to love. I have to strive to craft my own


How about shitty selfie Saturday? Let's see us without primping and preening


Ok, but is this a sandwich? (The bun is a pork tenderloin)


I love that great chefs tells you the ingredients and temperatures. Like, yeah, I'm totally making a croquembouche tonight after watching that, what temp do I pre heat my oven at?


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