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Thinking of casting DotA pubs with friend(s) on twitch. Some with no knowledge of the game, because I think that would be funny. Ill keep you posted when I go live.


Phantom Crash 2 or Phantom Crash HD remake, please


This place has so many bugs


How viable is the switch for Warframe if I am only playing it in handheld mode? Screen size seems like a minor issue


I optimized my build in Diablo and found an extra 290 billion damage in there. So now I'm on super duper extra hard 13. Trying to make it through one more seasonal level.


Starting to hit for 10 billion+ in Diablo now. Seems excessive


What is your favorite drunken karaoke song?


Destroyed my knee while working out. Went to get some icyhot style stuff, and I realized on the way home that Bengay's slogan is not, in fact, "All my life"


So any of you follow the "right hand" rule for mazes in games?


Halloween is over but murder mystery party is this weekend.


Raised 100 dollars and beat Dark Souls, soup to nuts, in 5 and a half hours! Thanks to everyone who showed up, and please go check out everyone else who is streaming for Extra Life!


Starting up Dark Souls to raise money for Extra life. Stop on by at taterchimp or Streamtoid and watch / donate!


Woke up to 168 twitter notification. This is why I shouldn't drunkenly talk politics.


Happy Diablo 3 Switchmas Eve!


Dark Souls stream tonight at taterchimp on twitch! Stay a while and listen!


Probably doing a test stream of Dark Souls tonight. Tomorrow is the real deal - going to try and do a 'speed run' (like six hours, maybe?) for Extra Life.


PSDoom - a Doom clone where each enemy is a process on your computer (labeled), and killing it terminated the process. Just...why?


If you like Dark Souls and charity, boy do I have good news for you this weekend.


I was able to do 3 sets of 10 at 95 pounds on a bench press! Not bad for someone who hasn't even looked at a gym in years.


"If you are having trouble identifying Tchotchke just look around your house or someone else's and whatever you see that a burgler wouldn't steal is probably Tchotchke."


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I also covered the progress of building my own gaming PC. I had no experience, and overall, it wasn't all bad! If you are on the fence about it, I suggest you read about my efforts

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The series never had a part 3, because I was having waaaaay too much fun playing it. Suffice to say that it does alright these days.

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