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Successful fishing expedition!


Watched a play through of the game boy Mario - I did not remember the vampires, but clear as day, that game has vampires.


Is Brut cologne Old Bae Seasoning? Also, starting the weekend drinking. Hope this weekend is a good one for all involved. Special surprise coming in the mail tomorrow and I'm so excited to show it off.


"RISE OF THE RIND: smoked pulled pork, pork belly burnt ends, pit ham, cheddar cheese, Sweet Heat BBQ sauce, chipotle ranch + spicy onion strings on Texas toast" Yeah....yeah!


I miss getting drunk until 1 AM on a Thursday watching Conrad play Deadly Creatures.


To join in: we need to speak up more when people post questionable content. If we don't know there is a problem, and if we don't say something about it, it won't change. I usually don't, because I dont like to 'rock the boat', but I will try to do better


Benadryl is stronger than Monster. I do the research so you don't have to


Does anyone know the rules for twitch well enough to know if I can play DDR and not get content struck? Or if you do/don't do vods?


Pause Extra Life, the rankings must not change.


607/500 goal. Everyone involved is a rockstar. Everyone who showed up is a rockstar. Everyone who didn't show up is a rockstar. I love you all. So happy we could help the way we did!


Today's the day! Doing a 12 hour Final Fantasy 6 charity stream for Extra Life at twitch.tv/taterchimp! Come and say hi! WE BEAT GOAL!!! How far can we go!? Last hour(unless you so are for me to play more!!)


Game Pitch: Monster Rancher using a QR mat to generate an AR battlefield, and youtube QR codes to seed the monsters. Making Running With Scissors overpowered again.


*softly muttering* what the fuck, what the fuck..."PUMPKIN DEAD FRENCH GHOST: pumpkin bread french toast buns, brown sugar pork belly, fried egg, pumpkin spice maple syrup + raspberry chipotle cream cheese." Also, Charity stream tomorrow!!


Finally, some good art for my cube


Weird to say, but every single pharmacist at my CVS is stupid attractive.


What's your hardest rage quit?


Doing a stream, but I'm also doing a special Charity Stream on Saturday! All day, Final Fantasy 6, starting at the Floating Continent. I put up and bumped a blog with details. Please clap.


Second kickstarter thing showed up - modular dungeon tiles!


Tuned into a Little Nightmares 2 stream and was immediately greeted by one of my oldest fears - malicious disembodied hands. Weird that this game and Hellblade both touched on this, based on how non prevalent the fear is otherwise.


Got the Genki Shadowcast and gave it a whirl with Katamari. Seems fine - pretty simple, but not a lot of documentation with it. Small, but noticeable lag. The good news is now I can stream Switch stuff.


Do you give a techno dog belly wubz?


My neighbor's tree has these beautiful pink petals falling off of it like cherry blossoms right into the dog shit all over my sidewalk, and I feel like that's an accurate picture of my life right now.


Make pig soup again. And a blog of my favorite recipes right now. It's an okay Monday


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