On PCI: My Time At Portia is the perfect summertime game
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8 of 8 traveler's stories completed...


3 travelers remaining. Man, though, the end game is really just a matter of going through the motions


I really like the harmony in Video Killed the Radio Star


Best love story ever written.


After two absolutely soul crushing days over the weekend, I overrate a bunch of Indian food and I feel happy. Life is weird.


This world isnt mine to love. I have to strive to craft my own


How about shitty selfie Saturday? Let's see us without primping and preening


Ok, but is this a sandwich? (The bun is a pork tenderloin)


I love that great chefs tells you the ingredients and temperatures. Like, yeah, I'm totally making a croquembouche tonight after watching that, what temp do I pre heat my oven at?


Anyone have a recommendation for password managers? I'm feeling...insecure


I'm going to make a chemistry based video game just so I can give the players the objective to Neutralize the enemy Base


Credit roll in Octopath, and I am really surprised at the "attention to detail" in the background. I wasn't expecting that, but about halfway through it become really obvious. Neat.


Octopath Protip: Tap the b button rapidly instead of holding it down when you run. It doesn't help, but it looks stupid as hell


I love you Dtoid, but all I can think about is kielbasa sausage, your buttcheeks is warm.


Humans vs Robots in Dota 2: https://www.twitch.tv/openai Also, I wrote a blog on Octopath. Read it. Or don't. I'm not your mom


I'm blocked from publishing a cblog? Thoughts? Also, does anyone know if you have to use the staff to get the elemental attack + when casting spells in octopath, or is it just applied to your stats? Both equally important questions


Ok, I actually love the mechanics of Octopath Traveler. May write a cblog detailing it, but it is a lot deeper of a game than I thought at first.


"Getting fit is so hard" - me, eating chili cheese fries at 11:00 PM on a thursday after drinking


I kind of view JRPGs the same way I view knitting or other such hobbies. I play them while something else is going on in the background that I kind of enjoy. In other news, I'm at level 40 with 2 characters and halfway through Chapter 2's for everyone.


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