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1 week left until FF12ZAPC. I'm so stoked to have something to chew up my idle time. Tales from the Borderlands has been good but I'm on the last episode today.


Fuck it, starting this up: 3 other people to play Borderlands 2, with DLC. We'll play a few hours on each weekends, coordinated by google spreadsheet. Post if you want in. If we get over 4, we'll start a group 2. PC Only


Aw man, Tales from the Borderlands is really good.


This game looks pretty tight.


Just saw a commercial for m hun at a dive bar. We made it boys


I feel like I got so pissed tonight my internal organs shifted. Probably not good


You're going down the road, the same one that we have. We cannot wait to watch life kick you in your ass


Historical painting selfie toid? Shit, that doesn't roll off the tongue


Well, glad I donated to pcf . Grandpa has lung cancer, grandma has pancreatic. Going to be tough times for the family


We need a divisible-by-4 group of DToiders for a gaming book club. Not just saying this because I have a hankering to revisit Borderlands 2, but...you know.


I'm excited for FF12 on PC. Probably to the point where I am only going to end disappointed by it, but it gives me something to look forward to.


MXC is on twitch. Nice.


Money cant buy back your youth when your old. Or a friend thats gone lonely or a love thats gone cold. The wealthiest person is a pauper at times, compared to the man with the satisfied mind.


2 parts whiskey, 1 parts ancho reyes, 1 part sweet vermouth (Dolin). 3 dashes chocolate bitters. I call it a Oaxocan, and it makes me forget how much life blows lately.


Man DDLC has me really bummed out. I think I knew someone that made a character strike too close to home or something. Been depressed two days about one character specifically.


I hate the term 'vote with your wallets'. That's how we got here, guys. Whatever 'here' is was proven to be really, really profitable, so they did whatever 'it' was.


You not cooking: making chicken soup

What do you do with a chicken carcass?  A question asked since time immemorial.  Turns out, you make some bomb ass soup.  Full disclosure, this is a drunk blog after a shit week, so buckle up, homestuck. So last time, I ...


Just donated 150 dollars to kick cancer's ass. Beat that, nerds.


Made a blog about cooking chicken. It was real good. Check it.


Cooking blog: At least I have chicken

I don’t really know why, but I have been bit by the culinary bug lately.  I always have had some kind of interest in it - there is something soothing about the ‘ritual’ of a recipe.  I don't know if its the ...


Bluegrass metal covers. Why not?


Got to show my girlfriend the joys of saganaki today. She was impressed.


Strider block in AGDQ is amazing.


I have officially Sub Zerod a chicken. Now I have a salty chicken corpse in my fridge. Anyone interested in a cooking blog?


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