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Just in time for the holidays, I won!


Hit 48,000 words today for Nanowrimo. Tomorrow should be the end, but I still have some stuff to wrap up, then I could go back and elaborate on things / proofread.


"Gobble gobble. THANKSKILLING ‘21: beef patty, roasted turkey, cranberry-sausage-stuffing fritter, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, fried green beans + cranberry mayo. #ZBoftheWeek". Sold


Over 33,000 words into Nanowrimo, and I'm super excited with how the story is going.


NVGR: the greatest music video of the year.


We sure played like ASS


Taking a wide detour in the middle there, huh?


Started playing Tetris Effect again, and man, that game is really something special. I'm starting to get the moves down, but speed 13 is a bit much


I always wanted to be 'decent' at Tetris, because it was not my strongest game growing up. Now I consider myself serviceable, but man, playing with experts is crushing.


"BEAST STROGANOFF: Swiss cheese, cremii mushroom stroganoff gravy, crispy fried scallions, paprika mayo and brown mustard. " Oh yeah....fuck yeah...thats a fork n knifer.


I'm kind of in love with PvE Tetris.


Whats a game that you can't watch other people play? Watching people play Tetris right now, and there are so many heavily flawed decisions.


We are all born wet, naked, and penniless without a friend in the world. Then things got worse.


So I guess I was like 2 hours away from breaking FF8 and doing max damage in disc 2. This may affect my reception of the game.


I really don't care for FF8. Looking forward to 10-2 and 13-2 next year.


Beat the goal! And a good friend donated to Dark Souls, so we doing Dark Souls for the rest of the night! What What?


About 450 raised so far! And its not even horrible yet! 8? hours to go!


Extra life!~ My god what have I agreed to. Join at twitch.tv/taterchimp for what I am hoping to be a 16 hour stream of Final Fantasy 8, raising money For The Kids! 4 hours in! 12 to go?


Tomorrow is Extra Life! Ill be doing Final Fantasy 8 like...all day. You can check my blog for more details, and expect regular qpost updates tomorrow!


El GRANDE JUAN: housemade chorizo, pepper jack cheese, green chile croquette, guacamole, chipotle mayo, salsa verde + tortilla strips.


Just had a memory about a boss rush shmup game that recognized how you fought each phase and would beef up defenses based on your playstyle


Extra Life 2021 Part 2: Final Fantasy 8

Where: twitch.tv/taterchimp https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=451643 When:  Nov 6th, 10 AM CST (maybe) until I can’t take it no more What:  Final Fantasy 8 HD Remak...


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My Belmont Run for Dark Souls can be seen


I also did a blind run of the DLC, which you can view

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I also covered the progress of building my own gaming PC. I had no experience, and overall, it wasn't all bad! If you are on the fence about it, I suggest you read about my efforts

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The series never had a part 3, because I was having waaaaay too much fun playing it. Suffice to say that it does alright these days.

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