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Shamelessly stolen, but yet I feel like this is just as good of a home


Its funny how much a pint of scotch will knock you out


Its fun to smoke marijuana


My cartridge of Secret of Evermore caught my eye, and I realized I replayed that this year. Made me remember just how long and what a shit show 2019 has been.


You are your own cheapest hooker


Beat Borderlands 3 - now for the 2nd playthrough to get to max level, then the third playthrough to try another character.


One of my biggest pet peeves in games is when dialog has to 'load' or something, so a meaningful interruption is delayed by two seconds making everything feel janky and awful.


Not a reference I was expecting...


Relevant today as ever


This weekend has such potential. Hopefully there's also room for borderlands


Friendly reminders: 1.) Never eat a heated pickle. They nasty. 2.) Claussen doesn't fuck around with their spice level on hot pickles.


Heard the phrase 'bogey on your 6' and got curious - Bogey comes from bogge/bugge, an english phrase for a ghost, which also got used by the Bogeyman. Thought it was neat.


Good day for a peach / mint tea


I farm loot. So I can farm faster. So I can farm more. So I can farm better loot.


I thought I didn't have anything for #MikeMonday, then fate smiled upon me with this gem


Got BL3 in hopes that it can be a meaty purchase that lasts me a while. So far, it feels just like a BL2 expansion, in a good way.


Lest we forget the greatest victory quote


5-0 at Friday Night Magic tonight, and they added a bonus for anyone with a perfect record. It makes me happy knowing that even such a small ecosystem, I am really good at something.


Just a happy little Scooter McDooter


Officially removed PMI from my mortgage! This calls for an inexpensive celebration!


I got a 'maybe' for a date! Hooray! Now its time to study D&D in the hopes that I can DM for a randomly sized group of people in a campaign built to be impossible to plan for as a DM!


I asked a girl out, and now I have anxiety. Video unrelated, but it was the cutest goddamn thing I have seen, so I had to rip it and post it on my own channel.


Can we get a "Dog owner" mode for games, like how color blind modes exist? So it just filters out random barking so my dogs don't go nuts for an hour over the fake dog.


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