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Tonights a good night to stream/scream. Its either Baten Kaitos or Remnant From the Ashes. Live @ twitch.tv/taterchimp


I have internet and power again. Reunited and it feels so good.


Day 3 of no power. Battery bank and Switch is nice so I can play some games. Getting a lawn chair on lunch break so I can read outside


I should have gotten her a haircut sooner. This little scuttlebutt is on her way to what is hopefully her forever home today. Sad to see her go, but so much stress I won't have to deal with


24 hours without power. In the office to charge devices (and work). You can out my picture in that "name someone who suffered more" meme now


Man, everything fun needs power: video games, internet, tv, sex


75,000 people in my town with no power. Of course this is the day my dad drives 5 hours to help me rehome one of my dogs. Oof


Double feature stream in half an hour after this post goes up! Baten Kaitos followed by Remnant: From the Ashes! Join @ twitch.tv/taterchimp !


I hate the double post, but: am drunk. Is bueno


Remnant From the Ashes is kind of fun. Control scheme is 100% hot garbage, though.


Everything I remembered about Baten Kaitos is still true today. The only thing I remembered was that it was dope.


Welp, I've been bumped down past the cutoff point for the contest. Well played everyone else! Back to irregular streaming of niche games!!


Vet confirmed, my little kitty dude has a little fatty tumor. Should be benign, but I feel bad for him. Extra treats!


Do you slurp soup with the solid bits, or take a bit of solid bits then slurp some soup?


AHHH I did the thing and got a 14/20! I'm so mildly proud of myself!


Someone remade Harry Potter replacing the wands with guns. https://harrypotterwithguns.com/. Its pretty great at times.


I think I want to just buy levels in DotA to get the last arcana and move on to something else. Maybe I'll stream Baten Kaitos with some charity stuff involved.


Driving me crazy - my TV connected to my computer blinks out for like 1 second, sound and audio. Tried a new hdmi cable, updated drivers, nothing helped so far. Ideas?


I need a new switch RPG, but nothing on the store interests me. Just something I can sink my teeth into, but also don't have to pay 100% attention to. Curse you 2020!


I miss weekend Destructainment. In that mindset, this is the best (spoiler free) video from Ghost that I have seen. My goodness.


Key lime LaCroix is actually pretty tasty. Like a Skittles flavor


I'm officially entered in the next So You Think You Can Stream! Now I just need a good game to play for it, good skills, and a good personality.


Catrick Swayze. Amazing.


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