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"KAIJU'S FIVE RINGS OF TOKYO: chicken + cheese katsu, five onion rings, napa cabbage slaw, mayo, tonkatsu sauce". Yeah, I can definitely get behind this.


I got the board game Suburbia today because I have a hankering to play it again, and I have to say the way everything breaks down from the sheets into an included carrying box is super satisfying.


Not once when looking at Steam games have I wanted to see a cinematic or story trailer for a game. I always have to look for the gameplay video, and if they don't have that, go to youtube.


Ok, 4 hours into FF1 Pixel Remaster. Thoughts in comments


Playing the FF1 Pixel remaster at twitch.tv/taterchimp. I'm loving these musical arrangements.


Okay, I played five minutes of FF1 Pixel remaster, and I think I love it. The battle theme is now metal as fuck, the sprites look great, and the concept art album is wonderful. So excited.


Ooey Gooey was a worm, a gooey worm was he, sat upon a railroad track, a train he did not see


Go team "Chonky Boi". This was the most fun I have had in Monster Train so far.


Goulash poutine! The Hungarian Canadian crossover I didn't know I was missing. Very proud of how it turned out


I'm a simple man with simple tastes - I have purchased the Final Fantasy pixel remaster. I plan on playing it tomorrow on stream, and you know what? If it sucks, Ill just play the original.


Just realized that the Capra Demon is the capricorn demon. I wonder if the gargoyles were the gemini demon, and which others are related to the zodiac...


Drunk on a monday because life is a joke, hooray!!! Spicy Chicken this weekend though, so thats a goal, right?


Woke up on time today and spent the day beating Halo 3 and watching Evangelion. Feels so very indulgent.


So Ive got this new anime plot


Alcohol + a ghost chicken + a reaper chicken means I have the worst kind of fire gut tonight. So I decided to watch Evangelion for the first time. Picture related.


If I have 2x8 RAM in my computer and I want to expand to 4x8 (and I have the slots to do so) do I just need same size and speed?


Spicy chicken --, gin ++, is bueno


Got Nasvhille chicken again - the reaper chicken and then a ghost chicken for tonight (I wanted tenders, but communication error, no big deal.). My lips are aflame.


"THE BANSHEE OF CARNEGIE HALL: house made pastrami, Swiss, sauerkraut, brown mustard + Zombie sauce". Not weird enough for me to try, but probably still really tasty.


I beat Loop Hero. Pretty meh on the experience, just because the early game grind before you get enough resources to actually clear levels is way too long. Fine game to play while killing time, but not much else.


I just had the smartest idea of my life: goulash poutine. Stay tuned for results if I follow through. My only concern is what cheese to use...


Someone got a puppy cut today! Also, I'm planning on playing some Vintage Cube (Magic the Gathering) on stream tonight at twitch.tv/taterchimp!


Anyone remember Toribash? I spent way too much time on that game in college during lectures.


Halo 2 Anniversary really went all out on the cutscenes, huh? Looks great. Realizing that I like the tone of 1 and 2 a lot - very campy kind of feel to it.


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