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I watched LotR 1 & 2 while flying. I had time for 3, but not the willpower. The feeling after the journey is kind of the same of after the vacation. This is what life normally is? Not fantastic restaurants, vistas, and strangers? Just Excel and groceries


I've been traveling more than 24 hours in less than 24 hours, and I'm so glad to be at home, with dog, and beer.


"I only drink beer when I'm sober" - bless the Irish lasses


This is a 19 year old, pot stilled, cask strength, barrel fresh Jameson. The tour guide basically said they messed up by giving them a 19 year old barrel, which lost about 30 percent to evaporation. He estimated at a bar, this drink would be over 150!


Fatback fried rice with shaved truffle. Before this was jamon iberico char siu. I'm in heaven


"don't bring up assassin's Creed, don't bring up assassin's Creed". In all reality, the Freemason hall is gorgeous, and the guide verified that the handshake my grandpa taught me was legit


D&D campaign idea: Forcing players to fight a skinshifter in order to retrieve their ominous verdant object of power, AKA: I have to fight a Wendigo to get my green cube!


"I hate Guinness". "We don't care". The hotel bar giving me a laugh


Des Moines spanks Dublin in the burger game. Can't beat grass fed Iowa beef in a burger.


Technically this is a bread post not a vacation post from the oldest lib in Dublin


On to year 6 of Atomicrops! For some reason I just had an amazing year 5 run. Had like 30 chickens, and the best tractor. Very fun run.


42 hours later and I have an autoclicking gelatinous cube.


It feels good to be good at something


Free D&D Idea: everyone in the village has The Hulk disease. If anyone, for any reason, becomes angry, they have to be put down before they transform. Forced smiles everywhere.


"CAOS: crispy fried Graziano Bros. sausage patty, sliced roast beef in jus, fresh mozzarella, pizza sauce, hot giardiniera + South Union Bakery hoagie" GOD YES. I could go without the pizza sauce, but a good beef n sausage is one of my favorite sandwiches


I love that the trombone game exists. I can't stand to watch the trombone game. Shitty borping to music ingrained into my head from the age of four is a personal hell.


Ok, cool, there's a new Dota Auto Battler, I can play that for the rest of forever.


Addicted to the stupid D&D clicker until I get back home from vacation and can dedicate time to real games.


I wish I could go on vacation without stressing for weeks ahead of time about going on vacation. Anyway, soon.


Finally, a screen accurate Deathscythe gunpla


One thing that I like about the D&D idle game is that I did more damage than I have done in every other game combined. It is however, predatory as all get out.


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