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A girl I'm texting sent me an unsolicited dikdik pic, and I think I'm in love.


My switch backlog is unexpectedly large - Disgaea 5, then back to a new Season in Diablo 3, then Valkyria Chronicles 4...then I can think about getting Smash (a genre I'm not that in to, but I'm a sucker for hype)


Great game, or greatest game?


Ok, real talk, Disgaea 5 just let me break the game a bit, so I'm kind of in love with it.


Had my party seriously considering sacrificing a noble to appease a dragon. Our priest was too goody two shoes to allow it, so now I have to figure out how to appease the dragon for the next session.


Someone needs to put the super crown on Ornstein and or Smough


Some seasonal treats for DND and also just because


My real name is Kris P - I thought Delta Rune was just pulling the same looking at file shenanigans that Undertale did, not just that I'm being stalked by a small dog.


Took me like 10 hours to figure out how to cancel moves in Disgaea. I knew I could, but didn't see the prompt, or get the tutorial for it. Turns out, you press B. Welp


Yay, I'm addicted to Disgaea on Switch.


Well I ain't feeling happy About the state of things in my life But I'm working to make it better With a six of Miller High Life


Reading through municipal codes: Riots start at 3 people. You can drink during any parade. If you (somehow) expose just your gooch, that is illegal. You cant have a house where, and I quote "prostitutes and vagrants resort". I think handjobs are legal.


Come on down to Mistors Dildo Depot Emporium and All You Can Eat 24 Hour Car Wash


Thinking of casting DotA pubs with friend(s) on twitch. Some with no knowledge of the game, because I think that would be funny. Ill keep you posted when I go live.


Phantom Crash 2 or Phantom Crash HD remake, please


This place has so many bugs


How viable is the switch for Warframe if I am only playing it in handheld mode? Screen size seems like a minor issue


I optimized my build in Diablo and found an extra 290 billion damage in there. So now I'm on super duper extra hard 13. Trying to make it through one more seasonal level.


Starting to hit for 10 billion+ in Diablo now. Seems excessive


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