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Hey, I got a free pen! Now I can finally start on that novel I've been putting off all these years!


I'm pretty sure it's been talked about already, but I just started watching "Hi Score" on Netflix, and the very first episode explained some details about one of my favorite games ever. I knew most of the basics, but the extra info was just fun to hear.


Well, if the world was ending, this is exactly how I'd expect it too! Maybe next time 2020, still a couple months left.


As she's gotten older (12 years old now), she's become more "needy", which I mostly find cute. She follows me around the house, everywhere. I can snap my fingers on top of something, she will jump on top. Anywhere I sit, she is there, jumping on my lap


My presence was nothing more than slight annoyance to her. Decided not to ask for a quick pose. #Caturday


Never thought this would happen, but Dexter is coming back next year with 10 new episodes. It's said to be a re-imagining of the show. The last couple seasons of the series dropped off a bit, so I'm interested in seeing what they do different here.


Is Spider-Cat the best part of Next Gen so far? Probably 😻 Yeah, I know it's on ps4 too, but Spider-Cat...with ray tracing!?


Not a bad day. Just finished Death Stranding (literally, about 15 minutes ago), and got some stuff in the mail.


Trying to stay off the store sites, but this showed up today! If I'm not mistaken, the newest Shante game should be here tomorrow from Limited Run Games. Luckily I paid for those many months ago.


Anybody looking to buy some stuff for the next couple days? Historically, I've spent too much on stuff I wanted, but definitely didn't need. Realizing how much money I'll be spending, in exactly 1 month, I'm thinking I shouldn't even look at the sales.


I really haven't been into sports this year, but my Seahawks are really trying to change that!! 5-0 (just beat the Vikings in a crazy comeback), and Russell Wilson is the MVP--no question!!


I'm gonna need a bigger room for this big boi!


Totoro found in japanese forest! Hope everyone is doing well ✌️


Why did I stop playing this? It's so good!! My last save was from the end of March--probably a quarter through the game when I played last. It took a little bit to get my bearings after that time, but I'm deep in it now, and still amazed by the graphics!!


A thing showed up today! I forgot all about it! Nice surprise!


Am I the only one hoping every PS5 pre-order that's cancelled, or pushed to a later date, are the ones (stupid) people on eBay spent a thousand bucks on!?? Sorry to anyone that may have lost a legit pre-order. Gamestop seems to be the worst offender!?


Is it just me or did South Park design the PS4 pro...in 2007! In the episode, it's actually an Xbox, but whatever.


Got on at 10:00am, just to realize, it's Pacific time. Duh! Went back at 1:00, but they were having technical problems, so they pushed it back an hour. Anyway, when it opened, I literally waited 1 minute, and the site was surprisingly smooth. Got an order


Sony still loves me!! It looks like I might get a pre-order after all. I got the email earlier, and I have a specific url to go to at 10:00am. Trying to stay positive! Wish me luck!! I really want to play Demon's Souls!


Heads up, Gamestop will be doing more preorders tomorrow, online and in-store. Doesn't say what time, but I'd start checking early, if you want one! Maybe other stores will have more stock for pre-order tomorrow?


Ghibli has posted 400 wallpaper .jpg's on their site. 50 each, from 8 different films. Only a couple of Miyazaki films, but still a bunch of great images! I'll post the hyperlink below for anyone interested.


If anyone is interested, today is the last day to get Ruiner physical pre-order through Limited Run (Switch). It's been sold out at Special Reserve for a while already, but LR is selling this variant cover. I'll put the link below if anyone is interested.


Ruth Bader Ginsberg just passed away. RIP


Yay, I got one! I still want to play Hades though. Why is life so hard!!!??? *sarcasm*


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