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Finished watching the new Dune.. All I want for Christmas is a Ornithopter.. Edit: my apologies for using an image from the movie. That could be considered a bit spoiler-ish.


Happy Birthday to the one and only Sir Chris!


Happy Spooky day to all my favorite ghouls and gals! ❤️


Okay G Fuel... I do want this..


Science has gone too far...


Played a little Burnout Paradise R tonight for the first time since... well when it was first released. It was pure joy to race around while rocking out to Jane's Addiction. Interested in trying out some of those DLC cars that I never had a chance to.


So I got a $15 gift card thrown at me and after looking at all the PS4 sales I decided on either Iconoclast and Steamworld 2 or SW2 and Burnout Paradise R. It's tough cuz I have no racing games on my PS4. Also a bumper sticker for Mike..


Most people seem pretty chuffed with Sora being the final Smash character. Deep down inside though I know what you all really want..


Happy slightly late Birthday Sir Mike! You da best..


I don't know how this slipped past me but I noticed an update to Terraria today (PS4) that was a patch to update Journey's End! I didn't even know I had it...so...um...damn I'm happy.. I've been waiting ages to play this update.


Evening ghouls and gals...The spooky season is upon us! What games and movies will you be celebrating with?


Hey Seymour, what do think of the Twin Fists hidden aspect? Took it out for a spin today and oh my God I'm in love. Absolute Carnage..


Happy Birthday GameManiac! May your day be filled with some um... really small creatures and Biochemistry!


Today a good Hades run turned into Super Ultra God run. I melted bosses...heh. with the bonus of finally unlocking the hidden aspect on the fists. I hope they make DLC for this game...so good..


About 10 hours into my first-ever playthrough of Mass Effect 3. I got to say I am pleasantly surprised at how good it is. The writing, gameplay mechanics and Dangus's mum. This going to be some fun!


It's back.. It baaaaaack!!! Not an exact recreation of old... more modernized and kinder... Im so happy.


I am the mother fucking LIGHTING LORD!! Seymour was right...with a few extra dashes from Hermes I felt like a GOD!


I mean is it really that hard of a choice? Besides we all know Dusa is where it is at! Also this is my 369th post....nice...


Fallout 4 may be a trash fire when it comes to the main storyline but it is fun just to explore. Also I do love the opening title theme.


Happy Birthday Fuzunga!


Threw this build together on the fly and it worked out way better than it had any right to. Open with Trippy Shot with a immediate Hellfire orb. Orb goes boom..hilarity ensures. Lightning Rod cleans up anything I missed or if I'm busy somewhere else :)


I learned this the hard way...


Get wrecked scrub...GET WRECKED!!!


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