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Does anyone else use RetroAchievements? Just made an account yesterday.. please add me.. name: sptesture, This is gonna be fun.. FF4 Ultima achievements here I come!


Rabite...it's happing!! Let the maddness begin!


Oh damn, I want this.. too bad I don't have the funds to buy this right now. Talk about bad timing...


Been dabbling in Surviving Mars of late. Darn good sim with great built in mod support. Developers are obviously fans of Alpha Centauri. And for me personally I'm getting spiritual successor vibes from an old school sim that I still fortunately own.


Dear Bethesda, do you not like money? Cuz forcing Skyrim AE resolution at 4k on the PS4 Pro is a sure way to get none! Seriously couldn't throw in a performance mode? (Insert 'it just works' meme here) I think I will buy The Ascent instead..


I guess I would go for Rogue. I'm a little upset that there's no healer class option. Cuz I usually play cleric..


In case you missed it on the FP, you can upgrade your basic Dying Light to enhanced Ed fer free! You get The Following dlc and other goodies. Also the Tolga and Fatin live event going on till Nov is funz, like low gravity and super grappler funz :)


The Terraria update is out for consoles! Get involved!


Well this tweet made my day. Time to go get a home ready for the Princess!


As usual, I'm a bit late to the party. Mad Max is a solid game. Great to jump in for an hour or so, pal around with Chumbucket. Harpoon some fools then quick release (that never gets old) do some exploring and taking the scenery. Dust storms...oh boy..


Hey Gaj, I got that 'special order' you requested. I'll drop it off tonight so your neighbors don't see. I am the soul of discretion ;)


Has anyone on console got the new update for Bloodstained? Supposed to come out a couple days ago but I haven't seen it yet. I would like to try the new crossover content..pic unrelated...


I stand firm with my peeps in arms brother Anthony! Not only did I purchase the hot tamale ones last week, I took it to the next level. #peeplife


Soulbow has been quite of late...to quiet. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about..oh God damn it..


When Neronium does you a solid he goes all in. Thank you for replacing my broken PSP and throwing in a charge cable, extra battery, and a 64g Samsung Evo micro SD card. You da best!


A English fan patch for Super Robot Wars W for the NDS? Don't mind if I do..


Im having a day. Decided to finally get around to putting my PSP back into its original case, and one of the connectors for the screen broke off the motherboard :( Also my graphics card is acting up and my house keys are missing...damnit


Thank you Sir Meanderbot! I love it! Well worth the wait ❤️<3


I would love to join the Ukraine Tractor Corps... Them and their countryman are absolute legends.


Perhaps... We don't live in the darkest timeline just yet. Futurama is coming back! Hulu ordered a revival of the series, with a lot of the original cast returning!


These upvote spam bots are getting out of hand. Blocked a couple yesterday, and more pop up tonight! Also my front page disc account was banned for some reason. I hope support can sort that out. Just not my day.. Edit: Fixed..Mike is da man!


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