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Thank you Wes! You sexy 🌮 you! I feel like a winner!


When I saw the classification on this planet, I just could not help myself. I am a terrible human being...


Stardew Valley free content update 1.14 will be coming to PC Nov 26th! Consoles to follow a couple weeks after. Also if you use Google Play go vote for stardew in the user Choice Awards! There sitting at number 4 with 12 days left to vote..


For all you Dying Light fans, here is the docket code for the dragon breath bow if you don't feel like doing the community event. 龙之息 just copy and paste! It was a promotion in China and it's still valid cuz I just redeemed it myself ;)


It's double XP and a community event in Dying Light till the 16th! Get your zombie killing on!


Thanks to everyone that gave me suggestions for fixing my PS4 problem, turns out the hard drive was corrupted. I put my old drive back in and it booted right into safe mode. At least the drive is under warranty though...cheers


I could use some help, my PS4 was not booting into safe mode so I unplugged it took out the hard drive,powered ..on.. power off for 20 minutes put the hard drive back in now I'm getting cannot access system storage error...


I've just been enlightened on the Templin Institute YouTube channel, if your fan of Warhammer and other sci-fi check it out!


It's funny with all these list of'best legendary guns in Borderlands 3' and I fall in love with a gun I've never heard of.. Goes great with my FL4K crit build...And the theme is great..(pic is not my gun)


Farmed GravesWard today in Borderlands 3 for a couple hours on Mayhem 2. To say Borderlands 3 is generous with legendaries now is an understatement. Hoping me and my mate will get the Maggie tomorrow or the hell whatever shotgun thing...loots..


Say hello to my Sentinel-Design capital freighter(Dreadnought class). I think somebody at Hello Games likes Warhammer 40k.. Oh and her name is 'AC-5 Destructoid' the galaxy will never be the same :p P.s. the little green trail is another ship for scale.


The Sisters are getting some armor support, damn that is nice...


Hey Borderland 3 fans, here's the shift code they released at the end of their twitch stream a couple hours ago, and Halloween themed heads! I think it's good to the 4th of November :) K9W3T-BJZ59-B9SHB-6B3JT-T9CFF


Another Halloween event is live in Dying Light! This one goes to the 4th of November, it's pretty entertaining :)


I do have to say I'm enjoying the Dying Light and Left 4 Dead crossover event. Non-stop shooting and killings. It ends tomorrow sometime so get in on it if you want to give it a go! And to help reach the community event goal would be nice to :)


Here's a picture of my Pusheen collection for SCREAMour.... enjoy!


Been sick the last couple of days so I decided to watch a complete play through of Tales from the Borderlands..good stuff.. Filled me on a lot of backstory. Now I want to play it and make different choices :)


Thank you Sony for adding HDR settings with the new update, after fiddling with those for a bit and my TV settings, damn my HDR looks so much better now. Well like the three or four games that use it and Netflix..


Happy birthday Mike you wonderful hunk of meat!


Damn...I forgot how much fun it is to parkour around in Dying Light! And light zombies on fire of course.. Anybody else doing some dedicated October horror games?


Happy birthday to Gamemaniac and all his little bacterial friends!


So Castle Crashers and Rogue Legacy go to a bar, they have a couple drinks and do the nasty in the bathroom. Nine months later out pops Lost Castle, this game is great!


Greetings fellow Inquisitors, the 2.0 patch for consoles comes out on October 8th. The Emperor Protects...


Just FYI for all you Warhammer 40K martyr console players, neocore be doing a twitch stream tomorrow and announcing the 2.0 patch release date..


The Stardew Valley multiplayer update is out for PS4, Xbox is still unfortunately delayed...


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