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I remember playing this game quite a long ago, but I don't know on which system... NES, C64? Well, it's here, and the music is first class, so it worth the try.


Finished XIII and my new Tool of Destruction

As the title says, I finished XIII, 4-5 hours ago... 3-4 years ago, I played the demo, but didn't bought the full version, I just don't know why. I loved the gameplay, and the visual style. And nowadays, when my comp isn't very high end, ...


X360 outsells PS3... Wait, in JAPAN???

According to Inquirer in the last week x360 managed this little miracle... I thought nobody wants an x360 in japan... "INCREDIBLY, THE Xbox 360 outsold the Playstation 3 in Japan last week. The Xbox 360 sold 17,673 fueled by Namco Bandai'...


Teh Phone

Here is it, an interesting flash game... I gave up, when I reached the rock-paper-scissor part...


Get ready for AGP madness

People are starting to forget, the good old agp connector, who is with us since 1997, but amd isn't. After the launch of the x2400 and x2600 agp compatible videocards (you can find some MSI and Sapphire variants), it seem we get some agp ...


Konami's largest drop in stocks since 2003

As you can excepted the official statement of Metal Gear Solid 4's delay is not only made the gamers angry (well some of them), but it had it's side effects on the financial status of Konami corp. Konami shares fell 6.8 percent to 3,160 ye...


Super Mario Galaxy 10/10? Your score?

So at least one super mario galaxy review is out there. Maybe it's gonna be a good game... Maybe ^^ "The Deeko Minute - Perfect controls. Yeah, they're perfect. - Orchestral music is beautiful. - Tons of varied environments to explore. - ...


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