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A developer has completed planned DLC before release. Should they A) Put it on the disk so people with bad internet don't have to download it or B) not put it on the disk, and release it a month later as if they had been working on it that whole time.


Did you know there's a 24/7 livestream from the International Space Station? Sometimes I put it on for a while before I go to sleep. https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/ESRS/HDEV/. If it's black it's because the satellite is on the dark side of the earth.


Just figured out there are audio-dependent puzzles in The Witness. Was playing with cool music in the background, now I'm gonna be constantly wondering if I have an audio puzzle in front of me, intermittently pausing the music. Not cool.


Playstation 3 was released 10 years ago. So much for that 10 year life cycle lol: http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/multimedia/display/20050725230636.html


using a trackball mouse diary. day 2. efficiency has greatly improved, but still way worse than with a mouse. aiming in Mass Effect 3 feels good, but compensating for kickback is difficult. feels really comfortable to have the arm resting all the time.


hopes for the trump presidency: revalorization of the importance of quality education for everyone, quality journalism and privacy. New way of thinking about social media. A project for the country based on sustainability rather than growth.


the new president of the united states


US is paying for it's sins. It's time to stop yelling at each other and look each other in the face. Hopefully this will bring about a positive force in the world long term, and prevent Europe from stooping as low.


is anyone here voting for trump?


got myself a trackball mouse for some reason. feels like writing with my left hand, rubbing my belly and tapping my head at the same time, or learning to ride a bike. have I made a terrible mistake?


trying to make a wordpress blog not look like crap is almost as time consuming as learning HTML/CSS


I made a lil short film entirely with stock footage. Please understand.


Switch looks great functionality-wise. It's instantly understandable, easy to share with other people (splitting up the controller, having it everywhere). This is radically different from VR, which is much more fiddly, isolated and isolating experience


Staying up for the debate (I'm european) feels like forcing myself to watch Mr. Robot. It's too relevant, and I'm too committed and disgusted by now to stop myself.


There really weren't a lot of cool-sounding words starting with Re-, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is illogical and way too long


Red Dead Recession, Red Dead Rectum, Red Dead Relativism, Red Dead Realpolitik, Red Dead Refugees, Red Dead Renaissance...


yay, I have a song, and it sounds like I'm a real cool boss fight!


I made a mixtape for Alphadeus to scan my psyche and condense it into a song. Might as well share it with you people: https://yadi.sk/d/L9dwy7EiwrpuX (trigger alert: it's a bit weird)


Hot take: The Order 1886 is supremely boring


So, uhm, pretty sure I just got scammed on Amazon. Company sold projectors at half price saying they come from Hong Kong, said they take a month to get here so they have time before negative reviews come out. Hopefully I can get my money back :/

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