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Now this is a launch trailer! ALL RISE FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF MAJIMA.


Just so we’re clear.


Someone’s making herself at home...


I used to be addicted to soap, but I’m clean now.


Got a mild sunburn below my neck - which was and still is clothed, I should add - after spending just a single hour in the sun. Either my tender northern European skin is even more tender than I thought, or I've become a vampire!


“People were so much classier and more sophisticated in the olden days.” #DarkSiders3


Am I paranoid for freaking out a little whenever the location services icon shows up on my phone or PC for no apparent reason? THEY’RE TRACKING ME... *shifty eyes*


Quanti canicula illa in fenestra?


And with this latest haul, I am one step closer to becoming the Japanesiest of them all! \o/


Oh, I know! I know! I'll...


Since I'm one of those weirdos who unironically enjoy David Cage games, I'm really looking forward to Detroit: Become Human! Cyberpunk neo-noir with replicant EMOSHUNS? SIGN ME UP~


Ghastly grim and ancient Raven wandering from the Nightly shore, tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore! Quoth the Raven, “Say 'nevermore'. Waka waka waka waka.”


Count me amongst the chorus singing Dad of War's praises. Honestly, could anyone have imagined -this- would be next after Ascension? Also, special praise to the 11-year-old who plays BOY. That kid should have a very bright future ahead of him!


With the success of RoboPanda’s gaming contact list, I’m wondering, would there be community interest in compiling and maintaining a supplementary list with MyAnimeList (for anime nerds) and Goodreads (for book nerds) DToider profiles? I’d do it, if


“Every actor I know is looking for a lead role in a video game”, says Kratos’ new voice actor. That’s fascinating to me, and seems a sign that the medium we love is maturing. Hopefully acceptance of gaming as a legitimate medium will get even bett


Oi, since when is posting a Frinkiac gif automatically flagged as spam? >:O Are you telling me I can't post smarmy Homer quotes any more?


Sixty-nine platinums! Are you proud of me, QToid? :D


Odin be praised, VA11-HALL-A’s Vita port is FINALLY out in Europe! The synchronicity of “Vallhalla” launching alongside Norse God of War is quite amusing to me. But yes, picking it up straight away!


I can't ever get tired of Oblivion videos. Truly the gift that never, ever stops giving.


FINALLY got around to playing Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors for the first time. A real classic, that game! Loving it to bits, and really glad we got the chance to play it on contemporary platforms.


Onegaishimasu~ *bows*


Happy Easter, everyone! May your Good Friday be a Great Friday.


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