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Why God, why.

I don't even really know why Hardcore is so tempting, it just is, and I accept that and bow to the will of unknown forces. I don't even remember how it got to this point, but Hardcore is the only way I'll play Diablo2 anymore. I guess t...


Poor Nintendo.

Looks like they didn't take any extra precautions with their newly released WiiWare entity. Titles are already showing up in the usual shady places, and installable via old exploits. Do you guys think Nintendo is even trying anymore? Or ...


GTA4 + MP // 2008?

Oh hey Dtoid, I'm back for another post after having to go into hiding from hating Bioshock (I still hate it). Anyways, can you guys do me a favor and check the date on your computer? I could have sworn we now lived in the year 2008, I co...


Brawl Leak Info (Cont.)

So I guess Zeke went to sleep and I have nothing better to do, so I shall continue his fine work for a few hours. So far we have some flippin' sweet Falco action goin' on. DUAL WIELD MUTHA'FUCKKAAZZZ This also indicates that put ...


What I learned from FNF.

- Jewbagels are the opposite of jivedoughnuts. - Scottish kids are awesome. - Oh yes, thanks ShadowXOR, I also learned anal is better than shipment. Anyways, my first FNF sure was a blast, thanks dtoiders. As always, [TOID] represent! And...


Rock Band street date broken, I weep inside.

I now blame my parents for not having lived in New York so I could be born there and still live there so on this day, I might get Rock Band 6 days early. Also a plague on whoever this pic is, a plague on all his houses:


The PSTriple cometh.

Hello again fellow gamers, or shall I say my family... yes, yes, we are all one big family here, a family that does not suck. It would appear to be a safe assumption that my pstriple will be arriving at my house this day, and while my init...


It's BioShocking.

Ok so.. let's get to the point. BioShock 360 demo. Ok, go change your pants, I'll wait. ... ... Welcome back. Now I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you just ruined your good pants for nothing. The BioShock demo is not all that amazing...


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