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Demo is almost ready... A year later >.< 1.5 years ago my friend was supposed to help me with this game but he got a fulltime job and was "forced" to learn programming myself. I'm happy this happen since programming skills are very useful. :) #firstsketc


Made a new Loading screen :)


Fixed Elevators and Falling Blocks... Soooon ready to expand the game for real! I just want to make sure that some of the essential scripts are working before I start expanding! :)


Shoot-Off... Or whatever Cowboys do... Except this ain't no cowboys... Its Satan and Knifeboy!


The Whispering Woods... The home to this beast! Vlog Update. I hope I can expand the Demo until next week to show off some new environments etc, I just want to nail the scripts before moving on :S


Working on a SideQuest Boss, Damage Values and added a new Enemy! Meeting with a "real" programmer tomorrow and hope I can get my Player Script to work flawless within a month or two... Optimistic indeed...But I'm happy with my progress!


Indie-Sounds-Effects! LOL I totally agree with the voice-actors strike... Doing voices is tiresome :P


Added a "Finish Move" and working on some other Enemy scripts. Next Week I will make a Tutorial on how to add Particle Events inside Animations. Stay Tuned!


Made alot of cool script the last week! Animations, Sounds, Loading.. etc! I think I will make comparison video next week to see all the progress!


Its Thursday - New Blog-Update... This last Week I was super busy with my "Real Job" and couldn't spend as much time as I wanted in Unity. However, I made a tutorial on "How to add Animation Events Within an Animation"... Hope it can help any Unity Users


I finally managed to fix the player controller and I've added a bunch of other stuff too... Developing games takes a lot of time, as most of you know and sometimes it feels like we encounter impossible tasks.. Keep up the good work all!


The Game is more alive then ever. Still struggling with a tight controller but the world itself is looking good!


Latest Update :) New Build is coming along quite well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAr1AnY8nog


Finally got some NPC's into the world. They are all lacking animations but I will add that for the next build. Current build is made my me - trail and error style - so I'm trying to have the game re-built with new animations and better coding.


Some ideas for the NintendoSwith HD Rumble function I thought of... What do you guys think? Have you tried it? I think it has allot of potential even for a simple 2D game such as mine...


Roswell? Abducted women? Conspiracy theories?! Mmmmm... You bet! one of many silly SideQuest's in the game!


New Animations made in Sprinter! Any indiedevs here familiar with this software? After rage-quitting 3 times I finally got an hang of it... But need help to figure out how to add separate animations into an existing one... :S


Am I the only one who cant upload pictures anymore? Or did I imagine that option ever existed? :P


Working on some Enemy AI and added some animations.. Kind of stiff but just want to make sure it works.... Tutorial room! This is were you will learn a thing or two about the controllers.


Hi guys! In case you missed my trailer. Please check it out & leave feedback :) If you like what you see please consider supporting me at Patreon $1/month and your name in the credits! IF you are a patreon user - I will return the favor by supporting yo


Teleportation machine! Where does it take you?


Short fighting scene!


This is a step-by-step video on the Weapon Shop in Knifeboy. Turned out great I think!


Hi guys! I'm currently on Greenlight. Please give it a "Yes" if you find it even remotely interesting ^^ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=855693803


Animations... There is always a bigger fish...


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Swedish Indie developer living in Tokyo.
Currently working on a 2D MetroidVania game heavenly inspired by Guacamelee.
It began in 2015 as a comic book and later turned into a game.
My brother and a good friend of mine joined my project in July 2016 and the game is starting to shape up to something amazing and quite unique looking.
We are are soon ready to share some gameplay and we're also planning a Kickstarter in December!

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Here is a few screenshot!

Besides games I enjoy outdoor activities, workout and travel!
I've been living in the U.S, Australia, England and now I'm settled, more or less, in Japan! ^^

Ah, btw! Please read the first Comic Book for free over at my Website.
No strings attached. Second book is coming in December, also for free.

KnifeBoy, who cheated death and returned to the living as an outsider set out to fight the New World Order and to find his identity. The New World Order, an organization that have been controlling the world and its citizens for the last decade is desperately trying to stop KnifeBoy and his rebellion army.