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Toys That Are Awesome - Snake Eyes

Ok I wasn't a huge G.I. Joe fan as a kid, but I've seen enough to know that I'm completely freaking siked for the Sideshow Collectibles G.I. Joe toys. 12" of Snake Eyes glory. Even with just the teaser and animatic it looks absolutely...


Dtoid Cinci NARP 08 Recap - Yes Another One! :D

Ok, so for this being my first Destructoid meetup I can say I had the freaking time of my life. I am so glad I tagged along for the ride with droobies, Amber, AngelsDontBurn and Suff0cat. This was the best weekend ever, no lie. Ok now sho...


MGS Podtoid : Rio's Horrible Voice Acting

Ok so, I've always wanted to play the Metal Gear Solid series, and I <3 Chad an amazing amount.. So.. I had a conundrum. But then I decided that Chad will hopefully forgive me for telling him to STFU multiple times because my voice act...


Does It Suck Contest - Octomania

Thanks to NihonTiger90 for holding this neat contest I'll actually be going back to doing something severely video game related. =P Thanks for keeping me on track with this one, buddy. As Nihon states in his feature, "Does It Suck", some...


Parappa the Rapper Hat - Now on Etsy!

Hello everyone! I've finally had some free time to make a couple of hats. The newest hat is the Parappa the Rapper hat! It's an orange beanie complete with the frog emblem and all. It's based on the hat that Parappa wears in the awesome P...


Rio Leaves the House : Planet Comicon

First off, I really apologize for not posting a new blog for quite a while but I've been extra busy with work and doing some web design for extra cash. I've also been working on a special art project here again as of late, so I'm hoping t...


Rio's Happy Box :: IT'S CHRISTMAS!

*Warning: This is going to be a very graphic heavy blog* Ok, so I already knew today was going to be a great day because I have 3 days off in a row and Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core comes out today, which I have and will be playing as ...


Long Overdue :: A Thank You!

Alright! So this post is long overdue, as I had actually gotten the package over a week ago. I was just saving it until I got a frame for the amazing poster that showed up at my house. I really appreciate the amount of awesome that got se...

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Gamer Arts & Crafts : Okami Hat For Sale NOW!

Ok guys, I apologize of the lack of updates for the past few days. I had to work a couple long days so I didn't have time to make anything substantial. So to make up for that, the new hat that's up for sale starting right now, is the Ama...


Etsy Store Now OPEN!

Alright everyone! I actually got a hat done sooner than I thought I would, so the first hat I'll be testing my store out with will be a Dragon Quest Slime hat! You've probably already seen it posted in my blog, but I got one finished and ...


Last Night's NARP Party

Ok last night's NARP Party on Stickam was purely amazing. I haven't laughed that hard in I can't remember how long. I wished I was there so badly, so I was glad you guys all let us see what was going on! I had so much fun even just sittin...


Gamer Arts & Crafts : Tomopup Photoshop Edition

Hello everyone! Insomnia strikes so I thought I'd post my newest art here as well. Again, I have made a piece for the Tomopop contest so I thought I would share it. This one took me a long time. About 5 or so days worth of hardcore photosho...


Gamer Arts & Crafts : Tomopup Edition

Alright all. Sorry I haven't posted a new arts & crafts for like a week. I've been really tired for some reason and hadn't really gotten much accomplished. Though, this new edition is for the Tomopop contest, I thought you might like to see...


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