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Gamer Arts & Crafts: We're having a SALE! :D

Hello everybody! :D I highly apologize for not blogging nearly enough here lately. I got caught up in a ton of art projects that I'm currently working on, and am hoping to have a ton of new pieces by the turn of the new year. BUT since yo...


Gamer Arts & Crafts: Charms Vol. 2

It's that time again! :D I've added the second set of charms to my Etsy store, so here they are to make their debut. This time around we've got: -Mario Hat -Luigi Hat -Burgertime Hot Dog (which I have dubbed Happy Wiener) -Power-Up Mushr...


SingSterling 08: The Videos Are Finally Here!

Ah... a sweet sigh of relief. After sitting here for three full days working on editing, reformatting and uploading all of my SingSterling videos I'm finally finished. There are nearly 60 videos, even though I didn't think to record the f...


SingSterling was the best 12 hours ever!

I bring you video of my favorite song that was karaoke'd during the SingSterling marathon! I was there the whole 12 hours in support and I want to personally thank Jim Sterling for going through it. I've done long marathons of singing, bu...


Gamer Arts & Crafts: Charms

I have returned to bring you the joy of more crafty-ness! :P This time I've been working on making some charms. Each of these are hand sculpted, hand painted and sealed. They come with a phone strap, but you can use them for whatever type...


Gamer Arts & Crafts: Preparing for the Holidays

Even though the holidays are still a bit off I figured I'd get a jump start and get things a rollin'. This is the first set of hand painted ornaments that are up for sale on my Etsy store. The list of characters in this set are: 1. Blue...


PAX 08: Part 2 - Because my memory failed me

Ok, so I'm not for sure how I forgot about this in my other post because it took my entire plane trip home to do, but I quickly doodled everyone who was in the giant Dtoid group picture! If you don't seem very distinguishable I apologize ...


PAX 08: The Greatest Weekend of My Life

WARNING: This blog is definitely graphic heavy. :D Alright, so like a lot of you I just had the best weekend of my entire life. It was the first time I'd gotten to meet so many of you fellow Dtoiders that I've been wanting to meet for so...


A Wild Box Appears! - E3 Swag I Choose You!

So today was an extremely rockin' day! I was just sitting here working and minding my own business when I remembered I should go check the mail. What do I find? Oh it was totally an amazing box from the Destructoid offices! :D I immediat...

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Gamer Arts & Crafts: Mega Man Hats!

Hello all! In celebration of Mega Man 9 coming our way, what better way to celebrate than to come up with some new hats? I've dedicated my most recent hats to some of my favorite bosses in previous Mega Man games. I also wanted to thank C...


Best Day EVER! -- A Major Thank You to Ceark!

This is the box that started the best day ever! So I went upstairs just a few minutes ago to check the mail, and what sat there waiting for me? OH! A giant FedEX box! :D Of course, as with every time a giant box awaits me at the door I i...


Gamer Arts & Crafts: In Stock Update!

Hey guys! Just a quick update. I've been working hard to try and get some of those hats back in stock and I have 3 Amaterasu Hats and a Parappa Hat back in stock on My Etsy Store. So for those of you that were interested in either of thos...


Gamer Arts & Crafts: Thank Yous & More!

Hello everyone! Though I'm sad to announce that this edition of Gamer Arts & Crafts will basically be craftless, I had a few things I wanted to say. First off I want to give a big thanks to power-glove for his blog about me getting fron...

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A cast of thousands: Kefka

[Editor's note: Rio McCarthy kicks off July's Monthly Musing theme with Kefka from Final Fantasy III (VI). -- CTZ]Wow. There's just so much to say about Kefka Palazzo. Ever since I played Final Fantasy III (VI) for the first time ma...


I Don't Like Mondays - A boutique of awesome

Dean Rodgers, Colin Talbot and Rila Fukushima are the amazing staff that run I Don't Like Mondays, an online fashion store that has some absolutely adorable accessories as well as really cool fashion. Gamers will be pleased to see game re...


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