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I've finally decided to get a 100% completion in all 3D universe Grand Theft Auto games, and started with Liberty City Stories. It was great fun! I'm already playing another game in the series, Grand Theft Auto 3.


About some game I enjoyed: The 3rd Birthday

This game confuses me: it's a blast to play, but its story is complete bollocks. It is in no way comprehensible. It's like Kingdom Hearts' story has become a depressed teenager who's drunk too much and is now stumbling back home. A...


Just finished reading "1Q84" by H. Murakami. Boy, what a waste of time that was! Never, I repeat, never read this pretentious boring self-repeating mess of a book. I'm so disappointed right now I'm gonna go punch a bear or something.


Started over a game that, while being a piece of art, has so many flaws in the actual gameplay it hurts. The world's aesthetics, enemies' and NPCs' design, the music, the story - everything is great except for core gameplay which is so goddamn repetitive


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