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NY NARP(?) Photos and Video

This past weekend a bunch of us NY/NJ Dtoiders got together. Some people couldn't make it (I still loves you, Keener, Nick and Petie) but we still ended up having a fun time. I don't think it's really a NARP because we pretty much just went...


C-Blogs of 09/26/08 + Nintendollisms

I know this is ridiculously late, sorry. I'm just really super sick right now and I actually had to ask Zen Albatross to help me out (since he said he'd be awake anyway). Even between the two of us it's taken the better part of five hours a...


C-blog Recaps of 09/19/08 + Nintendollisms

It's a bit late tonight but I've been busy. I know there weren't recaps yesterday and had I checked my email a little earlier, I probably would have been able to recap yesterday's as well. So, if anyone has a favorite blog from yesterday pl...


The Golden Age of Gaming? I Hope Not!

After reading a post entitled The Golden Age of Gaming on The Escapist, I have to say I was unimpressed by the arguments made. While technology certainly allows us to advance further in the capability of game systems, I'd be pretty disappoi...


C-Blog Recaps of 09/12/08 and Nintendollove

Whew so, this week was really shitty for most people. Been spending a lot of time missing community members and getting all teary-eyed over PAX memories. I haven't done a PAX post yet but I will at some point, I promise. I loves you all, a...


LittleBigPlanet Ads: iPod Edition

Ripping off other people's famous marketing schemes isn't anything new. But if you're going to do it, do it in style. And by "in style," I mean by shoving it chock full of adorable dancing sackboys. Breaking New: I like anything with mus...


C-Blog Recaps of 09/05/08 & Nintendollisms

Alright so tonight is my first official go as a recapper. I hope I didn't miss anything, and if I did please feel free to send me an angry email filled with lobster milkshake. Either there wasn't a whole lot of fail today, or I'm entirely t...


Hands On with Wario Land: Shake It!

So, in between posts of tearful reminiscing and remembered laughter, I'd like to take some time to give my impressions of some of the games I got to play at PAX. I was lucky enough to get to play Wario Land: Shake It without having to wait...


Pre-PAX Mayhem Memories: Wednesday and Thursday

There are many wonderful tales of PAX that have already been posted across these blogs. I feel the need to throw in mine as well, because the whole thing was such a personal experience. While was probably an equally powerful experience for ...



I don't even really think I need to explain why this is the most awesome thing that has ever happened (besides the homemade Sackboys, of course). Sony, in a stroke of brilliance or desperation for some cash, has decided to MAKE SACKBOY PLUS...


Instant Replay: 100% Completion

Replay value has a lot of effect on the video game market. Games that have little replay value drop in used prices very quickly. You see this most often with sports games, but also with titles that are good like Assassin's Creed. Replay v...


drunk narp post!

I am the drunk. Magic hat number 9 is amazing. This spcaebar is a piece of shit. We are rocking the rock band and n64 and all sorts of stuff. Tyhabk you Phist foryour touching letter, we were all very moved. Knives isa t-shirt. Hi int...


Nerd Alert Buys: Mr. Saturn Plushie

For the love of Jesus, there are really no words to describe the feelings I encountered when I stumbled upon this gem. I'm not sure if this has been posted previously, but it would demand a repost anyway. Etsy member obesolete has made t...


Nerd Alert Buys: Band Geek Heroes Shirts

Every wished there were more instruments in the Guitar Hero games? Are you good at an actual musical instrument that has not yet been represented in the gaming world? Well then, we have found the right shirts for you! At TorsoPants.com's w...


New Game For Dreamcast: DUX

Who says the Dreamcast is dead? Not some independent developers, apparently. Out in Germany they're still making games for the system. The developer/publisher is HUCAST.net & KonTechs Ltd. which is comprised of René Hellwig (Graphic a...


Feminism and Fat Princess

I am tired of hearing self-proclaimed feminists bashing the game Fat Princess. Besides the fact that this is a game and should not be misconstrued as anything else, there are many points that are being outright ignored concerning this issue...


If you use the word "Wiimote", you will get sued

Well maybe not you personally, but if you have a company page that uses the phrase frequently you might be in trouble. Apparently, there's a company that holds the right to the name "WeeMote" and they are none too happy about people referr...


E3 Expo 2008: Nintendoll talks Nintendo

It's what everyone is talking about this E3: companies beginning to cater to the market of casual, or family-friendly gaming. Is the industry starting to twist to this new but potentially temporary demographic of complete "n00b" gamers? I...


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I'm a woman who loves her video games. I'm also pretty much a nerd for all that is nerdy: MST3K/Riff Trax, Star Wars, Anime/Manga, Kevin Smith, X-men Comics, and of course all things video games. Someday, I would look to get paid to write for and/or about video games. I'm awesome, so it'll will probably happen.

I have a strong hatred for the Atlantic Ocean.

Yoshi BBFs forever: Me, Suff0cat, Wardrox, and ScottyG.

Preferred games are RPGs and puzzle games. I like the occasional FPS (Timesplitters: FuturePerfect being my favorite) and some racing (Burnout Reveeeeenge).

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