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Grove Street


I've been having fun playing video games that are not made by FromSoftware.


It's taken me a couple hours of playing Deep Rock Galactic to start wondering if we're the baddies.


I hope whoever came with the controls for Sanitarium was fired.


I finished a campaign in Evil Genius 2 and I am happy to report that I tried to start up a new campaign and it just wasn't grabbing for me and the thought of doing the whole thing over was unappealing. That addiction is over. Now let's hope it sticks.


I have to decide what I'm going to do with Evil Genius 2 after I finish the campaign. It's not like there are other PC games I'm desperate to play at the moment, but the grinding combined with my simulation addicted brain makes it notably time-consuming.


Bruce Willis, Paul McCartney, and Wendy Williams.


I'm giving Evil Genius 2 another chance.


I was having fun playing No Man's Sky, but I don't want to play it anymore because it keeps crashing my computer.


Columbo nails another one.


The internet's telling me Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gets more interesting after chapter 3, and it better be telling the truth because so far the game is disgustingly trite.


I have decided that the Carolina Wren is the cutest bird.


I remember when every Metal Gear Solid 1 character was nonstop meme fodder. Glad those days are over.


Airborne Kingdom's got its hooks in me. What is with me and city building sims?


Wait, we have a forum? Does anyone use it?


I finished Detroit: Become Human. I am very unsatisfied with the ending I got.


Thank you Italy for the influx of Tifa Lockhart porn that's actually somewhat creative.


I wish Wakfu had become the media juggernaut it was trying to be instead of petering out into irrelevance like it actually did.


Hotline Miami is so much easier on Switch than it was on a keyboard, aiming is a lot easier.


Fine, Frostpunk, you want me to go full despot? I'll go full despot. UPDATE: Well that was a disaster.


This is why I shouldn't play Frostpunk, it's already the middle of the afternoon.


I wasted half my day off playing Cultist Simulator until I inevitably hit the progession wall. I don't know why I bother.


Time to see how Forza Horizon 5 is.


Is Inscryption really hard or do I just really suck at it?


I regret looking up what a magnapinna squid is.


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