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After going through the Pirates of the Carribean level in KHIII I want Squeenix to make a pirate game. It can be Pirates of the Caribbean, it can be original (but it can't be One Piece), especially since I don't trust Ubisoft anymore.


Someone form a band and call it Mode 7.


I'm having a lot more fun with Kingdom Hearts III now that the main story is over and I'm just dicking around finding lucky emblems. I even put effort into my gummi ship.


I wonder if people who played FF8 stopped at the part where you find out they were all at the same orphanage. That's where I stopped, and it sounds like that part bothered a lot of people.


F-Zero GX should get an HD re-release.


I wish Steve Purcell would do video game art again, and would use the methods he used to paint the box art for LeChuck's Revenge.


I'll give the Forza Horizon 4 LEGO DLC credit, their collecting bricks from challenges to build things for your house is keeping me invested longer than I probably would have been otherwise.


Where the Hell is the new Shovel Knight DLC?


I like to think that someday American Truck Simulator will have all 48 contiguous United States. At the rate they're going they should be done by 2047.


I finally finished Kingdom Hearts III, only to find out there's a mobile game that explains a lot of the backstory. But I'm so not up for it right now.


Guacamelee 2 was right, you can make guacamole with grapefruit juice instead of lime juice. Maybe they're also right about using corn.


This weekend is about finishing Kingdom Hearts III, no ifs ands or buts. Also making guacamole and hot beer cheese dip.


I watched the Honest Game Trailer for Sekiro. So, Sekiro is Ninja Scroll?


I think Forza Horizon 4 needs another patch. Ever since I installed the latest DLC it's been having a really hard time loading.


Why did Bulletstorm get an almost 10 gig update? Who still plays Bulletstorm?


I wonder if people living in Mexico like Guacamelee. I hope they do.


The internet art community is going nuts over these two new Pokemon ladies, a swimmer lady and a sweater lady.


The Gamestop I went to didn't have Tales of Vesperia in stock. That's the second game I wanted that they didn't have.


I'm starting to regret replaying Borderlands 2 on True Vault Hunter mode, it just goes on forever.


I wanted to have Robot Unicorn Attack on my Android, but all the latest reviews said it didn't have the music, which is half the point.


Could Essie Davis play Bayonetta if there was ever a Bayonetta movie?


I can't beat the last level in The Tetris Effect.


I'm disappointed to read the negative reviews for Trials Rising, I wanted a good new Trials game.


If Ubisoft is going to roll out some DRM crap maybe I should buy Assassin's Creed Odyssey now instead of waiting to see of they release a Gold edition.


I wanted Persona Q2, and Gamestop was on the way home so I thought I'd just but it there and give them some patronage. They didn't have any copies, they didn't get any copies. The only Gamestop that had copies was in the next state.


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