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I wonder if the Mario movie would have been better received if it didn't have amy of the Mario names attached and it was just a weird sci-fi movie.


According to the internet The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky picks up in chapter 1 or 2, which is good because right now it's a real slog.


Someone put Dustforce on Switch already.


I need to know how many levels in Blood I need to get through before the weapons stop sucking, because right now I'm not having much fun fighting hitscan shotguns with four sticks of dynamite and a pitchfork.


Continuing my playthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn, I made it to the desert area. Holy Hell it's full of invincible robots monsters. Who thought a giant exploding cow was a good idea?


If someone asked me which video game had the best soundtrack I would say Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, but that would be cheating because that has two other game soundtracks crammed into it.


I take back what I said about Horizon Zero Dawn before, it's a lot more fun once you get out of the starting area. Now my only real complaint is that Aloy has the charisma of drywall.


I should play through all the WayForward games again.


Is there any hype left for The Outer Worlds?


I played Horizon Zero Dawn for a couple of hours, and while it is very well made I'm just so tired sandbox games with hunting and crafting. I hope it eventually turns into exploring sci-fi ruins.


I shouldn't have bought A Hat in Time on GOG. They just keep adding to it.


I went with playing Dragon's Dogma instead of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. So far my hope is that the quests get less cliche.


Now I've got to decide what to play next on my computer: Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, or The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.


I'm going to assume the main characters in Call of Duty: World War II are all crushing on each and just won't admit it because it's 1939. It makes half of what they say far more interesting.


Nintendo needs to put out electric blue hardware again.


I finally finished VA-11 HALL-A and I want more. I wish N1RV Ann-A wasn't taking place in a new city with apparently a new bartender.


I completed my castle in Terra Incognita, which means I'm finally done with Dragon Quest Builders. I hope there's a way to import your shared buildings into DQB2, I worked so hard on this, and I wish there was a way to see if people are looking at it.


I thought I would finish off Dragon Quest Builders by playing in their sandbox mode for a couple of hours and move on, but it's been three days and I'm still playing it.


I'm starting to worry that they're not going to release a goty edition of Spider-man.


I wonder if anyone gives Dragon Quest crap for using the same music over and over again.


I want Skybound to re-release all The Walking Dead games in one massive compilation. I wonder if they have the rights to the whole series.


The was the most fun PAX East I've ever been to, in that it had games I had not heard about, wanted to play, and the lines were short enough that I could play them.


I wish Christopher Walken did video game work.


I'm enjoying Dragon Quest Builders, but I don't want to spend too much time on it because I assume Dragon Quest Builders 2 will improve upon it in every way.


I am really enjoying Cosmic Star Heroine, but it's baby's first turn-based RPG, and baby's first cyberpunk story.


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