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Maybe there should be some standards for images posted on Qtoid.


So Eric Van Allen posted a news article about the new FFXIV patch, but the only way I can see it is by going through a different article, and I don't understand why.


My New Year's resolution is to conquer the planet and subject humanity to my iron-fisted rule.


Happy New Year Qtoid!


I'll tell you, Nier: Automata, what I told Spec Ops: the Line: I don't appreciate being forced to kill enemies by you then getting chastised for doing it by you, and you are not profound for doing so.


Man, Iron Lung was some bullshit.


I won't say what books I've been reading lately, I'll just say "the mysterious alien spacecraft they've been investigating is really a single massive alien creature" is overdone as a plot twist.


I'm up to level 25 in FF14 and all I've taken away from the game so far is that Lalafells are adorable.


TOnight's vampire movie was the 1979 romantic-comedy "Love at First Bite". It was actually pretty good, had some funny jokes, I think it could be reworked into a sitcom.


All the evening Christmas celebration takes place on Christmas Eve, which feels unfair to the evening of Christmas day. There should be stuff to do on Christmas Day evening.


You, messageboard! What day is it?


I'm tempted to reinstall Frostpunk.


In my effort to satiate my stepdad's never ending hunger for vampire movies I've started going through this list from Paste magazine: https://www.pastemagazine.com/movies/horror-movies/best-vampire-movies-of-all-time/


I have finally beaten Final Fantasy VIII. I couldn't beat it as a kid, but now I have and I feel fantastic, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


Why is there a real life Final Fantasy trading card game that's not Triple Triad?


We've watched Home Alone so many times I've started dissecting every line when they're spoken looking for deeper meaning and backstory.


I'm at the part of Final Fantasy VIII where surviving anywhere on the map and fighting anything requires an "easy" list of instructions.


Man those Game Awards huh? They sure were full of awards and trailers. Remember when that game won that award and then we saw that exciting trailer? Good times.


I've said this before, but I am way too emotionally invested in American Truck Simulator reaching all 48 contiguous United States.


It seems like spiritual successors to beloved game franchises are bound for disappointment. The Outer Worlds, Black 4 Blood, Mighty No. 9, and now The Callisto Protocol.


I keep going back and forth on Squall Leonhart. Every time I think his emoism has become too much the game decides to remind me that he is the only one on his team with half a brain cell.


Ignite the sin machine!


They don't make Halloween masks for people with big heads and glasses and I for one am sick of it!


I've decided to beat Final Fantasy VIII, so I might be posting cheap digs at the game without context.


I have played a good amount of hours of "Kingdoms and Castles" and "Settlement Survival" and I would recommend K&C over Settlement. It's simpler, but it at least tells you what you need to keep everyone happy and alive.


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