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Am I developing an addiction to Picross, or am I just really bored?


Uh oh, I'm in a backlog disinterest.


I've decided not to attempt to beat Yes, Your Grace a third time, because it will the exact same game until I get near the part where I screwed up previously. It's like old Sierra adventure games, didn't do that thing at the beginning then you can't win.


There aren't enough video games with deinotheriums in them.


It's weird that I'm having fun with Yes, Your Grace even though on a technical level it is a poorly made game.


Yesterday I said I didn't want to go to work I wanted to stay home and play video games. Today they let us all go for finishing the project faster than they expected, depriving me of money to buy video games with.


I don't wanna go to work! I want to stay home and play video games!


I take it as a bad sign that I never see anyone discuss that there are Dead Rising movies, not even in a mockery of bad video game movies.


I've said this before but I am way too invested in seeing American Truck Simulator eventually reach all 48 contiguous states.


Are people still playing Fall Guys? Are people still playing Among Us? Are people still playing that Phantasomething game?


So this is how Al Bundy felt when he got home.


I Got F.E.A.R. to work on my computer again. I had to disable the fullscreen optimization.


Shit, the GOG version of F.E.A.R. doesn't work. According to the forums it's a DRM problem.


What if CHIM is the one true religion?


I wonder if those Ren & Stimpy video games I played as a kid were actually any good.


Everyone always talks about all the great Halloween video games to play on Halloween, but no one talks about all the great All Saints Day video games to play on All Saints Day.


When is the video game industry going to get up to date on dust mote graphics technology? That's what I want to know.


I've fallen into a nostalgia pit. I can't stop watching footage of old 3rd party N64 games while listening to the Sonic Adventure OST.


I thought I was getting a handle on Darkest Dungeon, it ends up that's what it wanted me to think.


Give me on good reason I should play Detroit Become Human.


Is Scribblenauts fun to play on a console with a controller?


I miss Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby memes.


Someone remind my to buy 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim at some point in the future.


I think What Remains of Edith Finch was going for tragic yet life is beautiful, but when I was playing it all I could think is that most of these deaths were preventable with better parenting.


I think I'm getting a hang of Darkest Dungeon.


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