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I never got into AVGN because I didn't find a guy swearing at old games funny, but recently I was interested in Rolfe since he seemed to come out of the last decade with his reputation intact, but now I can't get a read on what the internet thinks of him.


I want a copy of The Art of Blasphemous but it's sold out everywhere.


Baba...is me?


You think the writers of Huntdown know that all their lines are bad?


Graveyard Keeper is the kind of simulation game I've been looking for, I just hope it lets me go full Nyarlathotep.


Please save me from my step-relatives, they're just sitting around talking about celebrities no one cares about anymore and repeating their Netflix watchlists and watching football.


I wish Deer Avenger would come back.


Playing new Halo multiplayer reminded me why I don't like to play multiplayer games casually, because my delicate little ego can't take it.


Does Dead Space feel repetitive after a while? After the halfway point I feel like I'm fighting the same three enemies and all that changes is what big puzzle I'm dealing with.


I didn't know X-Play came back. Is it any good?


I better make sure I still have some type of access to the original GTA IV.


How has it been ten years since I last played Dead Space?


I wonder how the Archie comics Sonic the Hedgehog comics are doing. I use to be into them as a kid but that was years ago and the quality never reached the levels of around issue 50.


Why is everyone excited about Halo now?


Given how good Outer Wilds was I'm disappointed with the fun levels of the DLC.


Gamespot torturing my boy Jonathan with Call of Duty Vanguard modified weapons.


I finished The Eternal Cylinder, and while the game wasn't perfect the Cylinder itself is a surprisingly memorable enemy.


Every couple of years I check in on Warcraft lore, and every time it's gotten sillier and more complicated.


That tears it, I need a new game to play on Steam. I'm doing virtual jigsaw puzzles in the evening to pass the time, I'm not old enough to justify that.


So wait, Guardians of the Galaxy is not DLC for the Avengers game?


I am surprised Bloodwash and The Convenience Store are not made by the same developers.


It's not impressive going to bed early if you're just going to sit in bed playing Mini Metro on your phone.


Nintendo has driven me to a life of crime.


I thought I would give the Ghost of Tsushima DLC a try. I forgot how beautiful the game is, and how the combat works.


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