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I finished World of Goo again and I'm sorry to see they disconnected the Tower of Goo sharing system, where you could see the towers of goo everyone else built, because that was fun to check out. Now no one will see my goo pyramid.


I was remembering the cutscenes in Xenosaga. Those things were crazy long even by JRPG standards.


I think I'm done with Forza Horizon 4, at least until the last expansion comes out. Those drag races were just so boring.


Important video game news: I finally got a new dust buster.


I played Star Ocean 2 twice and both times I quit at the same place, that giant snowy mountain. That was years ago, and I've been wondering if I should go back and give it a third shot, if I can find it somewhere.


I failed to stop myself from buying all the Tales of Berseria DLC costumes. I have such poor impulse control.


I finished Borderlands. I think I'm gonna take a break, replay World of Goo, then go on to Borderlands 2.


I wonder why Ico hasn't been remastered for the PS4 like Shadow of the Colossus was.


I demand you tell me at least one good mine level or dungeon.


Must resist urge to waste money on Tales of Berseria DLC costumes.


I'm trying to beat Tales of Berseria before Kingdom Hearts III comes out.


I wonder if the little people community finds Borderlands offensive.


Oh sure, now GOG has an XSEED games sale, after I already bought The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky on the Steam sale.


I guess I will be downloading those Persona dancing games since it sounds like the box set is garbage.


I decided to continue playing Borderlands, and I can't tell how intentionally annoying and unlikable Claptrap is suppose to be.


I suppose the games on the Steam Sale aren't going to get any cheaper.


I want to use the fashion options in Tales of Berseria more, but it drives me crazy that the character portraits don't change, and people ingame react as though the cast were wearing their default outfits no matter what.


I'll give Forza Horizon 4 credit, their new races with changing seasons thing brought me back.


Another Tales game, another battle system I don't feel like learning the nuances of and just button mash through.


I started Tales of Berseria. The story is a little cliche so far, but I like how over the top edgy Velvet is, which I find to be rare in female characters.


Two Best Friends Play: A Personal Retrospective

When Two Best Friends Play first appeared in 2011 there were already plenty of Let’s Plays, both written and recorded. Some tried to be informative, some tried to be funny, some tried to be both, they often failed. What Two Best...


I beat Transistor, but I get the feeling I'm suppose to beat it twice.


I spent a lot of time going through Steam and GOG's sales looking for an old or old looking JRPG that's cheap, could run on my terrible laptop, doesn't have reviews saying it's boring, that I haven't played before.


I should replay the Mega Man Battle Network series someday.


I caved in and bought a PS4. I'm still worried Sony will release a newer iteration of the PS4 in the near future, but I just can't be the only person on the internet not knowing what's going on in Kingdom Hearts III.


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