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As I get closer to the end of Spider-Man I cannot stop wishing Otto Octavius was played by Jason Alexander.


I swear the farther Ingo into PS4 Spider-Man's main story the more unintentionally uncomfortable it becomes.


Uh oh, I left my PS4 in sleep mode instead of turning it off all night, and when I tried to play Spider-Man there was an error. I hope I didn't bust my PS4, because that's how I busted my original Xbox.


Playing through Spider-Man PS4, I wonder what are the best boss battles in Spider-Man games of all time.


I started playing Spider-Man and it's so fun swinging around. It's almost as fun as I remember Spider-Man 2 swinging was.


Donut County makes me want to wander around the American southwest, but all I know about the American southwest comes from Breaking Bad and old monster movies, which I assume are accurate.


I finished Black Mesa, and while it wasn't perfect, the Crowbar Collective's Xen levels were much better than the originals. They should be the ones handling Half-Life 3.


Is Divinity: Original Sin 2 worth 22 bucks?


I'd never heard of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, so I looked it up on YouTube, and there's all these videos of unboxings and toy reviews and LPer's I recognize playing it. How are there so many videos for a game I've never heard of that nobody talks about?


Maybe I should just stop playing Dragon Quest Builders 2. All I'm doing now is building bedrooms for people but I don't get any rewards for it, I even already got the platinum trophy.


If Squeenix makes another Dragon Quest Builders game they better get their social crap in order. I wanted to show everyone the house I made in 2 with the pictures I took in game but there's no way to get at the pictures.


While I'm not normally one to question a good deal, there's something weird about Steam selling Civ 6 for a whopping 75% off.


There's never enough time to play video games on the weekend. I need to retire.


I want to play Pikmin again.


Looking around the internet I'm surprised there weren't more comparisons between Super Mario Odyssey and Being John Malkovich.


I think my favorite game at PAX East was Kosmonauts.


I'm having a lot more fun with Dragon Quest Builders 2 now that I've finished the main quest and all the side islands and I'm just working on my seaside mansion. And once that's down I can get to work building everyone nice houses.


Having now played through Oxenfree three times in a row I suspect there's one last secret in there that the internet still hasn't discovered yet, a secret ending or something.


Dammit, I was hoping the new Subnautica: Below Zero update would fix the bug where the water doesn't work. But it didn't and I still can't play the game because of it.


I want to try Geometry Wars, but I don't want to give Activision money.


After trying to play "They Are Billions" four times I've gone crawling back to "XCOM 2: War of the Chosen".


I wish Oxenfree was scarier.


I regret taking so long to get back to Subnautica: Below Zero. I don't remember what I'm doing in it anymore, plotwise or base building.


RIP the only version of DBZ I really cared about.


I finished XCOM 2, War of the Chosen. I'm going to try a round of iron man mode and then I'll be done with the series until they make a new one.


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