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I'm enjoying Dragon Quest Builders, but I don't want to spend too much time on it because I assume Dragon Quest Builders 2 will improve upon it in every way.


I am really enjoying Cosmic Star Heroine, but it's baby's first turn-based RPG, and baby's first cyberpunk story.


Has anyone filled the void left by Monty Oum yet in terms of making really good short movies with video game models?


Why does GOG keep having sales of games I don't have on my wish list?


After that weird dream last night I think I have to buy a 3D motorcycle racing game.


I wish there was a demo for Nier Automata so I could see if I like it.


I'm enjoying Gravity Rush 2 more no that I've completed the missions and am just flying around collecting crystals and taking pictures.


It ends up playing Long Live the Queen over long periods of time isn't as fun as I thought it was going to be. It gets a little repetitive.


Why are the missions in Gravity Rush 2 so boring? Who thought stealth missions where you can't use your powers, fetch quests, and talking were a good idea in a series about kicking monsters in the eye? It's like Japan Studio didn't want to make a sequel.


If they do make a Borderlands 3 and decide to go with pre-established characters instead of creating new Vault Hunters, then I want the Vault Hunters to be: Loaderbot, Tiny Tina, Gaige's dad, Dr. Spara, Jeffrey Blake, and Captain Scarlett.


I know I played Dragon Quest IX, but I don't remember if I beat it, or anything about it, besides that it was phenominally boring.


I started playing Borderlands in part because of Moxxi, but I stayed in part because of Patricia Tannis.


I finished Tales from the Borderlands, and I'm finally all caught up Borderlands. Now I am one hundred percent on board for a Borderlands 3. Just give me 2, with less tedious side missions, some parts from the Pre-Sequel, and a graphics upgrade.


I finished the fourth episode of Tales from the Borderlands. Catch-a-Riiiiiiide!


Why is everyone in Dragon Quest II wearing stupid hats? Did Toriyama just get lazy with hair that day?


I liked Uncharted: Lost Legacy more than Uncharted 4. I thought the story was tighter, the platforming felt more challenging, that open world section was great, and Chloe Frazer is a better Lara Croft than Lara Croft's been for years.


Now that I've finished Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel I can finally play Tales from the Borderlands. The internet said I didn't need to play the other games first but I wanted context for whatever happens in that game.


Uncharted 4 was a disappointment after hearing it got good reviews. The game was more focused on showing beautiful scenery than having fun gunplay like in the previous games, an the plot twists and retcons were silly.


Why are people okay with graphical update remakes of video games but hate colorization of films?


Seeing Guybrush Threepwood in Uncharted 4 made me a bit melancholic.


I wonder if The Tetris Effect people are upset with all the attention Tetris 99 is getting.


I wonder if Indie Game: The Movie is any good.


Uncharted 4 is okay so far, but it is taking forever to get to the shooty bang bang parts.


I wish there was a demo for Dark Souls on the PS4 so I could see if I like it.


Boy that last Forza Horizon 4 expansion sure is taking it's sweet time coming out.


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