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I'm enjoying Persona 4: Dancing all Night a lot more now that I'm playing Free Mode, with an increased difficulty, and turned off the voices.


I want to play a computer game where I run a kingdom and all my subjects adore me.


I need a list of every controversy surrounding Pomemon Sword & Shield, because I can't tell what is a controversy and what isn't.


When I played Dishonored I was annoyed with how it gave me crap for getting my stab on despite all the fun ways to do it. I thought that was a bad gameplay design. I hope Dishonored 2 is less uptight.


Having now played for River City games I believe that Kunio should be in Super Smash Bros.


I rewatched Aliens, and I wonder how many video game tropes that movie is responsible for.


I'm trying to figure out how to explain what's wrong with the dancing in Persona 4: Dancing all Night. How, despite the movement that's sometimes to the beat, it doesn't look as rhythmic as actual dancing.


By the time I'm done with my PS4 backlog the PS6 will be out.


Why is River City: Rival Showdown so full of memes?


Look at this thing.


I hope Manny was able to find Meche today.


Fuck you Xbox, you put all the Resident Evils on sale except for 4, the one I wanted.


I finished reading Console Wars by Blake J. Harris. It was somewhat informative, but Sega's downfall was too abrupt, it only speculated what was Sega of Japan's problem, it barely talked about the Nintendo/Sony fight, and it doesn't even mention the CDi.


For their next big anniversary Nintendo should make a budget, downloadable hanafuda game.


I have less faith in Shenmue 3, having completed Shenmue 2. Shenmue 2 made almost every mistake a 3D adventure game could make.


I played Rayman 1 & 2, but I never played 3 and I don't know if it's good or not.


I've given up trying to get all the collectibles in Shenmue II. Space Harrier is too difficult and not fun enough to try and get the certificate for beating it with one token. I hope if the Yakuza series has collectibles they're easier to get.


No matter how hard I try I can't beat the OutRun arcade machine in Shenmue II. EDIT: Wait never mind, I beat it. Now I can't beat Space Harrier.


Man it hurts to see your comment downvoted.


Someone remind me later to check that internet archive thing to see if there's any games from my childhood that I can recapture.


I am impressed with how little discussion I can find about River City: Knights of Justice on the internet.


I've put more hours into American Truck Simulator than I should have.


What about a first person shooter based on the Spanish-American War?


Goodbye, Rarity.


I should just make my own video game podcast. Every video game podcast I listen always talk about things five to ten years before my sphere of interest. I just need the time, the equipment, the money, and someone to talk to.


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