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About mourning orangeone of us since 9:04 AM on 02.07.2008

Oh, hi there! You scared the crap outta me. I'm mourning lemon, associate production coordinating directorial associate of managing departmental division office supervisor of the international network amalgamation distributors corporation management organizational association of dudes who play vidja gaems.

One time, I played a video game.

Best day of my life.

This other time I drew Hideo Kojima in Paint for a Dtoid contest.

Currently Playing:
Supah Stweet Fightah Fow
Persona 3 (again)
Persona 4
TES3: Morrowind (my desert island game)
Splinter Cell: Conviction

Awesome. Awesome TO THE MAX!:
TES3:Morrowind (again, my desert island game)
River City Ransom
Street Fighter 2/3/4
Mortal Kombat is a piece of shit
Persona 3
Valve games
Forza Motorsports 2
TLOZ:A Link to the Past
Deus EX
Deus EX
Deus EX (pretty good game)

I heard once that playing a musical instrument stimulates the same areas of your brain as do video games. On that note, I play guitar, and am a drummer for a rock band.

Xbox LIVE:mourning lemon
PSN ID:mourning_lemon
Steam ID:mourning_lemon
BattleNET:mourning orange
3DS Code:mourning orange


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