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My parents had me do all their Christmas shopping for them online. I have a feeling they picked me out SMTV and Great Ace Attorney since they were about half off. Really impressive since they have no idea what those are. Pic unrelated.


I didn't expect any of these, tbh. Last year I had almost 500 hours logged and this less than 200. Having a job again does that.


Tomorrow is a big day for the games industry at large, and by that I mean I can play Loop Hero on my Switch.


What if isntead of bringing Titanfall people to fix battlefield, they take a break from that and make Titanfall their big series.


Danganronpa creators are doing a new IP. It's in ful l3d and looks like a ghost detective type of deal.


Listened to some smt v tracks while telling myself I don't need it for a while yet. Damn, I love this sort of chaotic downer track. And for a specific boss battle, too. Sick. *Soundtrack spoilers*


At the first boss of Caligula 2. EVERYTHING IS BETTER. Better intro, better art design, systems have been rethought, the characters skills are interesting. The first boss is more technically challenging than anything in 1. Try this if you like Persona.


22 hours into Caligula and found out if you don't max out certain social links in a certain order a character dies and you can't get the true ending. Ughhhh


Xbox really missed an opportunity to destroy Nintendo once and for all by putting SMT NINE on Gamepass.


Wanted to make a mention of this. The ff6 T edition romhack is a popular romhack just translated that changes, rebalances, and adds extra content to FF6, including optional superbosses to challenge at the end.


Playing through Caligula Effect. This game repels me as much as it intrigues, but has a unique combat system, nice character art, and great music. The sequel just came out, and is supposed to be a big improvement so I'm excited.


Finally, Square Softs CAR-P-G IS IN ENGLISH.


I enjoyed my time with voice of cards. Got all the best gear and most major secrets. It has enough going on in all departments to sell me on this as a continuong series, which I assume is the plan at SE.


New Retroid pocket seems to make the system a lot more user friendly, with an actual frontend mimicking the Switch. Wouldn't have had to pretend to be a tech guy setting mine up if I'd waited for this, lol.


I'm near the end of Arise, probably finish it up next sitting. I think the game is good, but it's not the evolution of the series I thought it was. It's some of the same DNA of Graces, but I think I like Graces' more.


Returnal just added a suspend game option. So a quick save that deletes itself when you load it up. That's personally all I needed from it.


Watched the documentary about the Dune movie that almost was. It was quite a trip seeing how he pulled together all these people, most impressively Dali and Orson Welles. Take a shot Everytime someone says they have never read the book.


The new anime, Ranking of Kings, gives off some real nice vibes. It's by Wit Studio so it looks great in motion, too.


I enjoyed my first few hours of SE's Dungeon Encounters. Story and music isn't worth much, but the gameplay feels like the equivalent of a crossword or sudoku. Some neat gameplay ideas in there that I hope get explored as you go further.


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