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Took about 110 hours but I've beaten Trails FC and SC! Yet again at the final form of the boss I was down two characters and low on options for maximum cool points. You'd think I'd be ready for RE2 and KH3 but I'm ready to start up trails 3 tonight.


Looks like these people who worked on trails at xseed are gonna be working on 3 for Nisa.


Aside from a show I'm playing ive got more time for games this week than usual. Of course this isnt KH or RE week but im 35 hours in Trails in the Sky SC so maybe I can finish it off??


Mob psycho is abck and great, a little touching even with its first episode. Promised Neverland seems cool but also kinda terrifying if youre not expecting what goes down. Any other cool anime this season?


Trails in the Sky complete! That last chapter was easily the longest with a multi phase boss battle I won only with one final limit break before death, so that was intense. Satisfying ending too, but luckily I got the sequel loaded up to go!


Haven't watched Netflix's Bandersnatch and probably won't but interactive media where your choices affect the story but oh wait, it's actually about the 'illusion of choice'! sounds like an elaborate way of copping out.


Trails in the sky update: remembered there was a steam sale so I picked up the second and third game while I could. IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL NOW, BOY.


Since ports of the cold steel games are coming to ps4 ive slowly played trails in the sky, about 26 hours in. Game is a little dated but neat. I really like the idea of jrpgs that dont have you explore the whole world in one game. But branch further out.


Atlus just announced that Persona 5 R....will get announced in march! Whatever it is! Hooray?


Ys IX baby! Theres not much detail about it other than it takes place in some sort of prison city.


Definitely wanna see more gamepkay but im intrigued. More weird, new jrpgs.


When's David Cage gonna give a shoutout.


So theres more footage of platinums granbkue fantasy game but they also had a trailer for ARC SYSTEM WORKS granblue game. Hot damn they know who to get for spin offs.


I think i probably missed a bunch of secrets in Gris. Only at the very end playing with one of the abilities did I get soemthing that made it click what it was about. Stoll a great, short experience!


Platinum's Granblue Fantasy game is supposed to be getting some new info this weekend at some event in Japan. Not invested in the mobile game, but that gameplay trailer a while back makes it seem like it has huge potential.


Dont want to spread false hope or spoil announcements but a certain jrpg from the wii has been popping up the last few days so it might be getting a port/sequel.


Assassins creed should start having double xp weekends is something I didn't think would be a thought I'd have a couple years ago.


Played some astro bot last nught and it was amazing. That said I cut it short so I didnt overdo it, but woke up in the night pretty nauseous. This ever happen and any tips on avoiding nausea?


I got a good deal on bayo 1+2 for switch a while back. Beat the first 1 and liked it despite some problems. 2 is near perfect so far. Now I'm hoping for that bayo 3 trailer at VGAs.


Uhhh, really confused. Hitman 2 ajd battlefield 4 installed on my ps4 while in sleep mode. I never purchased or looked at these games. What the heck?


'What if we made a nintendo style direct where people got excited and it was mostly bad news and cancellations?' Yeesh, square enix.


Only completed chapter 1 of RDR2 but one thing I didnt expect to be impressed by was the music. 3 times in about 2 hours an instrumental came on where it didnt just feel like background noise in a AAA title but something actually cool or interesting.


Ive been told the true final fight of dq11 i should be level 70 or more. Lots of grinding to go I guess.


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