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If a game runs at 1080p or above with a solid framerate, then I reject the notion that it 'looks like a ps3 game.'


Finally, a bold new direction for Pokemon.


Just finished the FF Origin demo! I'll try to write up some thoughts in comments.


After CC2 got dropped from FF7 they said they're were commiting themselves to smaller projects and showed three games off. Then Kakarot got announced and they barely spoke of them for years. Looks like one is releasing July! Furry advanced wars but sad!!


Doesn't matter how cringe your conference is if you have at least a few games I'd really like to play. Didn't expect pc games show to be the most consistent for me today.


I'm the guy who usually hates seeing western games at square, but luckily I was into the gotg game, because everything after has been bad or confusing. lol


Missed the trailer, but I love Rocksmith and reccomend it for people wanting to learn the basics or just random songs.


Wholesome direct is starting now. The unwholesome direct is later.


Nintendo said fuck it and 'leaked' a game Ubisoft was totally planning on revealing later today, lol.


Wasn't sure if I'd watch but everything on this day of the devs stream looks good. May not have the highs of that last stream but way more consistent for me, lol.


Why is the only version to download on the us psn labeled as the 'chinese/korean' version?


Visual novels are now the ruling genre of videogames.


I'm finally watching this, and boy, someone was feeling down In the dumps am I right.


Finished Disco Elysium, it was a good time. Feel like anything I try to play is gonna get shelved with intergrade, Ratchet, e3, and my new job this week.


The creators of Craftopia are at it again with their insane take on pokemon. Make sure to watch this, it's a new instant classic.


The first trailer for the new Trails arc finally popped up. Takes place in a new country with a new cast, though I think there's a few quick shots of some old returning characters.


One on the right looks like Its meant to sell me butter or some shit.


Funny thing about Disco Elysium is saying things that are much more left than my country has ever been is still considered centrist bullshit in Revachol.


My top wish for the Dragon Quest anniversary stream is that they announce that they got a new composer for XII.


Looks like it could be a good month for PS plus.


YKK is an older slice of life manga about an exceedingly humanlike robot in the years where humanity is slowly, peacefully declining. I'm early but there's strange tech, weird creatures, and some mysteriousness to it.


Got into a real manga mood because of events so I caught up on Land of the lustrous and boy it was a ride seeing it unfold after waiting a few years for a second season. Also read Our Dreams at Dusk, a manga about LGBT+ folks in Japan. Short but good.


More than hoping for the Monkey's paw that is asking them to continue Berserk, I'd love to see Miura's longtime assistants make their own amazing and influential series' in the future.


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