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Basically all SMT and Etrian Odyssey games are on sale on 3ds. know I'm gonna pick up apocalypse and devil survivor. Maybe persona q2. Should I do 5 or nexus if I want to try Etrian?


You can watch a bunch of stuff on HBO's app for free right now. I don't watch much TV or movies unless I get the feeling ill really dig it so went straight to Barry. It's great so far!


Heads up: there's a new FF7 trailer and I think it's one of the ones where they feel compelled to show you every last trick up their sleeve. Never been a fan of that.


Just watched the first episode of Tower of God. Simple vague premise so far but it's a standout for visuals and music to me. Apparently it's pretty big deal in Korea and elsewhere so I guess it'll go places.


Glad I've been on this old school jrpg mood.


Randy Pitchford making sure the success of gearbox is only his success, despite being the biggest thorn in it's side.


I updated my psn's 2 step verification to my new number and also signed in with my psp. Got the texts and everything. Then a couple hours later it signed me out of everything and I'm no longer getting texts to my phone. Don't know how to get in now.


Cold steel 4 coming in fall. PC and switch ports next year. Woooo.


Unless they do a follow up, platinums 4th announcement was some dumb april fool's joke thats 'lol what if we made an old shmup' I guess? Whack.


Ok, PSP should be good to go in a bit. got Front Mission 3, Wild Arms 2, Breath of Fire 4, and Final Fantasy Tactics that I'm pretty sure should download on it no problem. let us pray.


I think platinums 4th announcement is today? It'd be April 1st in Japan now. May all your character action dreams come true.


At the final dungeon of digital devil saga 2 and this game's twists are so fun. May write a few quick notes and an image up. Spoilers for a good game in comments!


'hmm I wonder if anyone has tips for this boss in digital devil saga' everyone: "oh Its weak to electric so I grinded for ten hours til I had the best possible electric spell for everyone. Btw *blank* dies so don't level him."


One step from Eden is cool. Deck building plus bullet hell (or just battle network) one character from the start but looks like many to unlock plus costumes and new cards. Hope it sees a lot of support from fans and devs.


FF7, Trials, Xenoblade, Yakuza, Bravely 2, Persona Royal, and probably a couple others I'm forgetting. Good year for JRPGs and could be more!


Trying to Abstain from buying a psp charger on a whim so I can play ps1 classics in bed cause that's dumb.. but front Mission 3 and legend of Mana tho! Update: I ordered it but it's not getting here til late April. lmao.


Trying that new ff tactics phone game. Once again I'm finding that gacha is rpg poison to me. Menus, convoluted progression that does little, and the actual gameplay feels neutered. At least they don't have noses still.


Any UK citizens who would be willing to sign my fiance's petition? It's for the government to help the homeless. It's mean a lot to her to even get a few signatures so it'd be appreciated! Link in comments.


DDS1 finished! Now either head into 2, suikoden 3, romancing saga 3, front mission 3, Saga SG, you get the idea. Too many jrpgs but a lot of quarantine time.


Fake news stories about well liked people getting the virus aren't cool! Just had a heart attack about the berserk author getting it.


The people who made the messenger are doing a turn based rpg set in the same universe! There's also and easy allies preview where they talk about the game as well.


So I have some sort of sickness. It matches with some of the symptoms but also I have stomach pain, nausea and diahrea which don't seem common. But also my job does know and has shut down. Plan to call department of health or a local doctor. Idunno!


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