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It seems like Square is using AI upscaling for the new Saga Remaster. If you've ever played their games using pre rendered BGs you'd notice the characters look great but the background are pixel messes. This fixes that!


Getting back to Tsushima. Not going for compeltionist with it, but are the side questlines worth it? Does stuff like ishikawa and masako lead to unique or cool rewards? Just got the grappling hook and can probably move on now so curious.


New Square announcement! This games asthetic always looked so damn weird back in the day, but this seems like an improvement without throwing the style away compeltely. Pretty cool!


I am finally free from Trails for now. About 65 logged on the 9th game for true ending. Enjoyed my time with it as always. Went ahead and looked at the opening for the next one. Falcom is so excited to use mocap it's great. lol


So Nicalis is taking down not only free fan games of Cave Story, but the original freeware version of cave story. Actively trying to sabotage the spirit and history of the game, very cool.


All Trails character have dumb nicknames that everyone memorized so all introductions are 'ah I should've know you would've gotten in my way, Gunn Hotrod of the elite brigade!.. Or should I say The apocalyptic eclipse?!'


It's 2020 and I'm downloading cookie clicker, you can't stop me.


I had my mom write a Christmas card for my fiance's family (who she hasn't met) and I shit you not she wrote 'Merry Christmas, we have the coronavirus, wishing you well!'


Kingdom hearts, ff7, and new twewy. Nomura is the current king of Square Enix.


Comcast is introducing data caps in the northeast starting January. 1.2 terabytes. Just in time for consoles with limited storage so you have to delete and redownload games all the time. :/


You ever get your friends into something and then you realize you hate it. Damn I can't stand Ready Player One, and now there's a sequel I'm going to be hearing about. lol


Going to comment 'PERSONA 5 MUCH??' under everything to do with neo twewy until an angry mob murders me.


Some people are really critical of Falcom's osts, but the more examples they use from Ys IX the more unabashedly hype I am for this game and soundtrack.


In some nice news I read an article about Sakuna's relative success in Japan. Apparently people realized the rice harvesting was in depth enough that using real life department of agriculture resources actually work as a guide. article in comments!


Rented out cod for funsies on ps5 and there are too many complaints with how annoying it is to deal with. Deleted the campaign? Let me redownload that for you, also here the ps4 version. Here's another patch that will take 45 mins to install.


Sometimes piracy is used for shitty reasons, but most of my experience is that a company has not made a game properly available for years and no one knows if they ever will. Anyway Nintendo just ruined an online smash tournament for petty reasons.


Watch dogs legion already half off at best buy right now if you become a member(it's free). Damn ubisoft loves to release games right around now and race to the bottom for black friday.


Just turned on fidelity mode in miles morales and hope people mess with the options and try out performance, cause ray tracing is not worth it at all. lol


Hmm tried to disable autoupdates but it seems like last guardian is autoupdating as soon as it copies to disc. Haven't tried disconnecting to the internet. Gonna play spiderman and hope they actually patch it. Still looks great at 30 compared to before!


Just hit credits in Astro right at midnight. Absolutely don't skip this. Pure fun and doesn't overstay itself.


Quick question, has there been an ethernet port hange I didn't know about? Feel like I'm forcing the cable into the ps5 and don't want to damage.


I got Tsushima for $25 and now I can pretend it's a ps5 launch title.


The answer to the western market isn't always western games.


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